Article: Haynes Workshop Manual - 'RMS TITANIC 1909-1912 ('OLYMPIC'-Class)'


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Originally Posted by Subsunk
Last week I saw a guy under the dashboard of his Nissan Bluebird doing faultfinding with an oily, tattered Haynes manual - not something you see a lot of these days, as all cars seem to be rendered tamper-proof by their makers.
I use mine often when working on my motorbike, it's a lifesaver. I agree it's not something you see that much these days, someone under the bonnet with a Haynes manual. I've still got some old one's in the loft, vauxhall cavalier MK2, Renault 19, Ford Fiesta.

I haven't read any of these Haynes manuals dealing with ships and aircraft, but they sound interesting. Hopefully I might win the current book competition.
Posted elsewhere but I feel if should be shown here also.
Re: Haynes Workshop Manual - 'RMS TITANIC 1909-1912 ('OLYMPIC'-Class)'

Anyone on the lookout :)-|) for the publication date of

Haynes Workshop Manual - 'The Iceberg 1909-1912 '

<<Photograph of an iceberg in the vicinity of RMS Titanic's sinking taken on 15 April 1912 by the chief steward of the liner Prinz Adalbert who stated the berg had red anti-fouling paint of the kind found on the hull from below Titanic's waterline.>>
I was in Waterstones the other week and they had the Haynes manual for all the inventions Wallace and Gromit have made.

It was a "cracking" read and funny as ****.
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