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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by chockhead819, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. I just wish we could get the support the yanks give their people in the field
    The Yank View
  2. "We are confident Congress has the foresight and wisdom to avoid the coming crisis with appropriate funding for naval aircraft". Bloody beaut!

    Are we similarly confident in Parliament acting in that way? Not so much a different side of the Atlantic as different Planet.
  3. When I was on 809 Buccaneer squadron in 1976 we disembarked to an American naval station (Cecil Fields). The squadron who were hosting us were not flying any of their aircraft. Turned out that they had spent their annual allowance and the aircraft were being kept grounded until the new financial year. Don't think we ever had it that bad.
  4. Check your dates, Slim. 1976. Ancient history. That squadron was the victim of post-Vietnam penny-pinching, as was the entire US Military.
    At that time, the Military was seen as a big, dangerous dog that had to quickly be brought to heel, and stuffed back into its kennel.
    Now some would argue that we're in a similar situation today (unpopular, unnescessary war, etc), the difference is, that now the armed forces are enjoying far more public (and therefore, political) support, and are unlikely to be left out in the cold again.
    Believe it or not, it is possible to upgrade capability, and still save money.
    An example of this if the new Virginia-Class fast-attack submarines:
    They are larger, and more multi-mission capable than the Seawolf class, but cheaper to build, and actualy several hundred tons lighter than the 'Wolves, due to better, lighter alloys used in construction. The key to the savings was using pre-existing technology wherever feasable, instead of a bunch of new, expensive geegaws with little practical value to justify their expense.
  5. How many out there remember the old denison smock.

    Not knocking it for one minute except when the rains fell from the skies.

    Think the one I was issued with was issued at Arnhem if I can get the brain cell going it read AIRBORNE FORCES had some forties date. And this was in the early seventies.

    Make do has always been the thing. And will always be the thing until the day arrives where we actually have a top dog who has served in the field.

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