Arthroscopic Surgery (Knee)

Hello all.
Apologies as i know knee injries are a common query, ive looked but ahvent really found a definitive answser.

Long story short i have my Raleigh start date for Feb 2014 and PRNC dat for Nov 2013. Bad part is 4 weeks ago i twisted my knee, knee is healing, seen 2 doctors (no scans, just physical exams) a massage therapist and a physio, all agree that no ligaments are torn. Got good movement back and my knee is not "giving way" which is positive. Unfortunately i now have loose bodies in my knee joint which are catching every now and then when simply walking or bending my leg, so i have no doubt the strains of Raleigh will be pretty hazardous incase it catches at the wrong time and i go down.
Im going to be referred to an orthopaedic surgeon and have arthroscopic surgery hopefuly to remove the bodies, i am wondering if anyone has been in a similar position and what the outcome was?
I have went over the medical guidlines with a fine tooth comb and saw that reconstructive surgery of the ACL is an automatic ban but knee joint surgery (which im guessing this is classed as) is a 12 month ban on applications. Would this mean i will just be put on hold and given a date after 12 months or will i have to reapply etc? I will be 29 by the time the 12 months is up and the cut off for ET(WE) is 30, squeeky bum time indeed!!! (also messaged angrydoc and said it would be a hold on the app, hope that is the case)
Gutted I am going to miss the original start date of Jan but my options are delay for 12 months and have a full career or risk it and possibly have no career at all.

Any advice would be brilliant
Hey there,

I had an arthroscopy in 2009 in my knee after a motorbike accident. I am now fine - I have absolutely no problems with it fitness wise - I am not limited at all. The only thing I will say to you is surgery should be a last resort. If you are in really bad shape, I can understand it - but from twisting your knee, it may be excessive. I came off my bike heavily, and landed on my knee - 3 weeks later, after walking on it, it was still twice its usual size.

You will have to wait 12 months, although I am not sure about the reapplying/starting Raleigh.

If you do go for the surgery, be militant about your physio, but also no not under any circumstances push it too far too fast. Again, surgery should be the last resort - I unfortunately had bad advice from a doctor, and it resulted in two surgeries in my hip (after the knee), where physio would have been sufficient. So get a second opinion - if all you did was twist your knee, it might honestly be rest that you need, and the thing about "foreign bodies" is that you cannot pick them up until you have the arthroscopy. So if you do not have them, it is too late once you have a camera in your joint (which is a very weird feeling, as an aside).

If you want any more info, feel free to PM me.
Knee injuries should be taken very seriously, I damaged my knee when I was 15 playing rugby, had the odd ache and pain after that, but nothing that really limited me, fast forward 15 years and I twisted it whilst fencing, really started to give me jip after that, several visits to sick bay and tubigrip and brufen given, on my exit medical I raised my concern re my knee and was told by the surg 2 & a 1/2 that he knew what the problem was, and that a op would only have a small likelihood of improving the problem (which was a bloody good diagnosis on his part as no x rays had been taken) 4 years after leaving the mob knee has gradually got worse, ended up referred to an orthopod who diagnosed arthritis and an op to clean up the joint was required, when he got into the joint he found I had a detached fracture that had not shown up on the x ray. The moral being if the quack says you need an op, have the op as they may just find something else that requires work when they are in there. If I had been a little more forceful in the sickbay rather than letting them fob me off, my left knee might not have the level of arthritis it does now


Liquidity - bollocks. You can't see small loose bodies on MRI but you can see significant ones. If they're visible on MRI then they will likely be symptomatic and arthroscopic surgery will be advised.

This chap hasn't had an MRI yet (if I read the post correctly) but it isn't always necessary. If you have the symptoms of a loose body (occasional symptoms interspersed with relative normality) then you don't need as scan (which takes 6 weeks ish before they find the bodies they know are there, then you start the waiting list for surgery). It just delays things.

You will have a 12 month deferment post-op but your condition should fully resolve. At arthroscopy they can also have a good look at your cartilage and make sure there aren't any small tears.

"Ask for a second opinion" is a quote straight from the Daily Mail. The NHS is cash-strapped enough that we don't do operations that don't need to be done!

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Thankyou for the replies.
Liquidity I know what you are saying about it being a last option,tried the "grit my teeth and get on with it" way. Unfortunately as I am unable to go up or downstairs at any great pace due to the body coming out my joint and catching,or running for the same reason, I am very hesitant about chancing it,these problems doing minor activities are bearable,but this problem when I land heavily from a jump at training or a long run then I'm not only going down,but most likely going down with a worse off injury meaning out of training,possibly out the navy and out a job.

Mikh my father of 60+ has something similar to arthritis,had loose bodies removed removed when he was younger,played competitive badminton,basketball,judo and football with it for a few years till it finally locked his leg and he went down,was the old fashioned way of just going in and scooping everything out (his words) no arthroscopy was around back then,at least not to the technical level it is today. After my fathers history and In connection to yours aswell I'd rather hold my application for 12 months and have a full career than go now and risk having a very shortened career with problems afterwords

Angrydoc,no MRI ,and the two times I've been to the doctor the body has been inside my knee joint,I explained that it tends to come out and you can actually put your finger on it and push it around,she was bewildered,second opinion is a definite I'm thinking. Physio again tomorrow so will get them to recommend something to the Dr. Pretty devastated that I can't make my start date but as I said, go now and risk injury and no career,or go in 12+ months a have a full career. The fact I'm unable to descend stairs properly due to it constantly catching makes me think the wait 12 month option may be best

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Shit you've only seen your GP? You need an orthopaedic opinion my son.

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Shit you've only seen your GP? You need an orthopaedic opinion my son.

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Ha tell me about it,GP said she was now referring me,going to see another one though as I had to convince that one I need an orthopaedic opinion. NHS is up to a 2 month wait to be seen but at least the ball is rolling. Went to the AFCO today,even worse case scenario seems moderately positive,the WO taking my application can't be doing any more to help me out. Slightly more confident,just need to be patient but keep driving the Drs to hurry up

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2 month wait is fine for a non emergency thing in a health service we individually pay pennies for, relative to the actual cost of healthcare.

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