Arse holes who park in the wrong place!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jenny_Dabber, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. Right,

    Took a trip down to Asda's today, noticed they have a parking section for people with babies. Now, the place was packed and all I wanted to do was get in and out as quick as possible. So, I head over to the parking space for parent's with children, only to find the last 4 spaces are taken up by snotty nosed fcukwits, with too much money splashed out on some poxy 4x4 range rover in a city!

    Now, I noticed none had children, so I rolled down my window and asked politely if they could move, as this was a designated space. They just laughed and walked off.

    So I did the only kindest thing I could think of......................parked right behind the 2 cars with no children, boxing them both in. Satisfied I did a cracking job, hauled out my sprog and toodle'd into the supermarket.

    Only to come out, 1hr and 50 mins later to 2 angry car owners getting 'horn' happy.

    Did I give a rat's are?????

    Like fcuk!
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Sh1t parkers are one of my bugbears at the minute, arsseholes who park on double yellows at T junctions...try swinging a 44ft trailer around one with some [email protected] parked where your arrse end swings....still took out a porsch that was parked like that the other day..... :thumright:

    The best dit I heard..may be urban myth... was some old dear struggling to reverse her car into a tight spot, fcuking around for quite a while, as she manouvered for another attempt some smart arsse chav dived in, nicked her space and said to the some what irrate old dear "see, that's what you can do if you can drive properly"

    Well, this p1ssed her off somewhat, so she reversed back abit then hit the pedal and rammed the chavs car, she then calmly got out and said..."see, thats what you can do if your rich" and sauntered off.
  3. Cor I am surprised, for once I am in agreement with you JD. Saw the same thing happen at a DIY store near me with two young guys parking their cars in the disabled bay. now there are only 4 disabled bays so I asked them if they would mind vacating them so the disabled could use them (I was parked in a standard slot cos I ain't disabled). Basically I was told to go away. Took their numbers called out store security. Result they were called for and given a bollocking by a young lass of about 19, red faced they left having being informed that their numbers had been noted and if they did it again they would be clamped.

    Now please buy a longer car so that you can block in three or four of the bstrds.
  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Same sort of thing here Jenny, my dear old mum (who doesn't drive) has her own marked parking spot just near the town center shopping precent. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than parking directly behind them, blocking them in and then having more than the usual cup of tea. Only once has someone chapped the door asking for there cars release from detention. Needless to say mum had a delivery that day and everyone knows how confusing flatpack contruction can be.
  5. It is the norm to have two spaces taken by the 4x4 tawts to prevent there vehicles being damaged by the poor folk.

    Disabled and family parking means nothing to this scum.

    Edging out of traffic last week after some brain dead planner had decided to add a layby in the front of the shops. This means you are now in the middle of the road beofe you can get out. Young brain dead tart pops along from the left decided to try to go into the street normally you are flashed to go out. Not this bimbo she puts her finger up and gives me the finger has she passed.

    I would have throttled the tawt if I had caught her. These young drivers are shite.
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I dont know whether it's just me being more aware of driving now a days or are people being less courtieous on the road now? The standard of driving seems to have dropped markedly in the last couple of years....what was normal/aggressive/crap/shite driving in London seems to be spreading around the country.
  7. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Don't know about that, think maybe theres just more traffic, and hence more arseholes.
  8. Nice one JD.
  9. Yeah, well done JD. What a couple of tossers.
  10. there was a debate about this a little while ago - it questioned the relevance of spaces reserved for parents and children only etc etc.

    i (being a daddy (i think their mine) of two) was all in favour blah blah, however there was a substantial amount of abuse back then as to why we shouldnt have em.

    sorry but to name names SPB was very irated about them
  11. It's my belief that the larger parent & child spaces should be placed some distance from the store. However a safe walking access to the store should be provided.
    This would stop the owners of 4x4 taking them as in the main they are a bunch of idle twots and will not walk the extra distance. Also the parking area for parents & child would be away from normally very busy spaces nearer to the store.
    I looked after my 5 year old grandson last week and always parked away from the store in a quite area then held his hand when walking to the store.
  12. Actually I never use the parking spaces I park on the double yellow lines leading into the supermarket car park.

    What pisses me off is that fact others have now started to do the same and at times I canna park.

    My pet hate.

    No indicating when pulling out!!!!!!!!!
  13. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    If the owner of the land marks the spot with figures denoting it should be for the disabled or parent & child, then in my opinion anyone parking there should be ticketed or towed. I'm worried one day my local pub marks its carpark, i just know i'll be reversing into a dik!
  14. It seems the disabled bays are growing by the day. Most of the so called disabled who cant walk across the car park can then spend 2 hours walking round Asda /Tesco .Ect. :withstupid:
  15. i know what you mean - my missus hates it as well, she always wants a safeguard 1 minute warning in order to get the toilet paper in place ready for leakage
  16. I think they're bollocks too, there weren't any when my first daughter was born 15 years ago and we managed to park ok, why do we need them now? we've got a 20 month old girl and we manage to park in any bay. I also happen to drive a LWB Shogun and I can manage to park it in a normal bay, the problem seems to lie with women who seem unable to do more than abandon their vehicle across a couple of bays.

  17. Those who are disabled may have to spend 2 hours doing what an able-bodied person can do in 20-30 minutes

    I speak from experience :thumright:
  18. Was parked in a bay in a supermarket, the bay in front of me was empty, then a car pulled straight into it. It was absolutely perfecty parked, right in the centre of the bay. I was very impressed until she backed out again drove back in at an angle, stopped the car that now straddled two bays, got out and went inside.
  19. Yeh pushing a five ton shopping trolley!!

    Can you buy shares in the disability sticks factory!!
  20. They do that cos sometimes --and she obviously has been --you get your car battered by other drivers getting in and out of their cars with doors banging yours cos the marked bays are too narrow!

    I usualy park in the loading space at our local tesco --cos I'm never in the place that long anyway

    Well done JD -- and yes mothers with young kids do need a special parking area .

    :nemo: :nemo:

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