Discussion in 'Gaming' started by predatorplus, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. ARRSE wants you! We have decided to post this in here to recruit new players. It's free and simple.
    It's called Travian, and basically, you build villages, trade, engage in diplomacy, fight wars, invade others and build alliances. It's cheap as chips, or free depending on how you play it.

    We now have the ARRSE Alliance in this game and are building up resources to start attacking opfor. We have 146 members of Arrse and plus a few civvies that we have f***ed into submission and now toe the party line - I suspect we will soon by the biggest, baddest boys on the block!

    You need to sign up for the UKX 'Speed3' server to join the ARRSE Alliance.

    For anyone looking to sign up, follow the link:



    Quickest way to build a village to make settlers is:

    Build on resource fields in this order:

    Clay 1
    Wood 1
    Iron 1
    Wheat 1

    Then same fields to level 2, then to level 3 and so on. You need to have an embassy at Level 1.

    That is the fastest way to get yourself a new village. Good luck all.

    Oh..if you get attacked, make crannie..., you can demolish them later, and if you have troops send them somewhere safe...rienforce an ally or something, eventually you'll be able to build up a good defense force. If people attack and get nothing they'll stop but if they see you as a farm they'll just keep farming. .

    You get the chance to mix it with all kinds of foreigners(mainly ex sov-blok types who still think that they are the dogs danglies) plus plot to take over the world. There is an endgame where anything goes, basically all out WAR which we are building up to.

    Sorry to say, that for now you will have to start of joining the ARRSE wings, untill there is enough of you foke on there.

    Speed server
    and join the SW sector. This will mean that you are all in the same area, and when you have enough numbers you are all in the same area.

  2. The crabs out number you 5:2. You can't let that happen now can you?
  3. hmm i play this at the moment

    Speed international and Speed US servers

    Had the 2nd biggest account in the game, across ALL servers until i stopped playing as much.

    Very time intesive game.

    I can still be found on US server under name : Swarm
  4. Always welcome to jump ship when the re-set comes?
  5. Can i join the alliance?

    Just started out yday, says i need an invitation from an alliance?

    Names Tailz
    South west

    Dunno what info you need!
  6. You need to build an embassy, id send them a message ingame

    BTW guys is about to be reset

    The international competative speed server :)

    About 2-4 weeks i should imagine, there just hitting World Wonder level 80's
  7. OK in the world as;

    Name - Wildweasel
    Village - Security Geek Village
    Grid - x-52 y-231

    Can I join the alliance please. I have the appropriate embassy.
    Village standing orders expressly forbid the use of iPods by legionnaires while on duty!

    Just out of interest Southpark is not in the Alliance by any chance?
    T**t raided me last night and I will have my revenge, in this life or the next :)

    (note to self, get out more and work on gaining life)
  8. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Name navyred
    Grid x-187 y-153

    Sign me up.

  9. UKX"Speed "3 server now full so I carnt join that one :( :( :cry:
  10. Am giving it a go on UK1 :thumright:
  11. It will reset in a couple of weeks - so hold out till then.

    We're nearing "end game".
  12. Really recommend this game. I throughly enjoyed server 3 and am just establishing myself on server5. The ARRSE alliance and forum are great, providing guidance and support. This is the ideal time to join.

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