Arrse Wah

aljh said:
Ladies and gents. Apologies if this has been done already. Absolutely brilliant.

Thanks, but I had noted that our M-L-P was among the unconvinced when he posted:

"Beer and uniformity is not the issue here, it's the inability to spot a wah on today of all days." ie April the One

The fumes from the outrage bus seemed to have choked quite a few others without a Calendar, though :roll: :wink:


Lantern Swinger
One of these bible thumping, born again christian US officers was onboard a boat as liasion officer for a trial over the pond a few years back and he was one of the very few obnoxious Yanks I've met.

He made a few comments about a 'lack of formality' in the control room (relaxed professionalism in the SM world) which had filtered down to the troops and was 'in the way bloke' with added attitude for much of his time onboard. Noisy as f**k when climbing in and out of his wanking chariot fwd of 29 bulkhead - just an all round tool. He walked off when we got back alongside without any thanks and I thought that was that.

Found out a few days later that he had left his grip on his bunk just before harbour stations and as a reminder of his time onboard our magnificent boat one of the killick UC's had packed the bottom of said luggage with some well thumbed mementos from the lads in the fwd bunkspace.

Would have loved to see Selma, his God fearing wifes face, as she went to wash his undercrackers and discovered a few choice 'gentlemans BRs -

'Young, Dumb and full of Cum' 'Schindlers Fist' 'Pregnant Horse F**kers' and not forgetting 'Look whats in my Ass! (Volume 3)'

Happy reading religious bloke


I was following this on Arrse. I didn't post but I have to say that I have met Americans with similar attitudes to those played upon in the "article". There was a Major in 1 MARDIV (Camp Commando), that was genuinely upset that we didn't want to join him in prayer (on a Thursday ffs).

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