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Arrse Vs Rumration rugby?

Would you be up for a charity Rugby match against the pongos?

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  • Where is my kit?

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  • Who gives a flying f**k

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  • If it is for charity, of course!

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  • Ships rugby team musterrrrrrrr!!!!!

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Right, lads and ladettes, who is up for a charity rugby match? RR Vs Arrse? Any how, for more info look here. Can the 'old and bold' still be in with a chance or do the 'serving' want to have a rumble on the pitch rather than down the Barbican with 29 Co.?

Rugby Match
Posted: Fri Jun 30, 2006 4:21 am

Ok Chaps, im noticing the prevalence of players of the beautiful game on ARRSE, and I was thinking, would anybody be up for having a charity Rugby Match, with the obligatory p!ss-up after?

We could have the game, get some media coverage even, and time it for the weekend before Rememberance Sunday. Im pretty sure I could get a pitch in Bristol over this weekend. If not, and anyone knows of one going elsewhere, ideas are welcome.

A good turn for Combat Stress and/or the Legion, with a p!ss up and a chance to meat and beat fellow ARRSERS on the same day.

Can't be bad.

Any feedback?

Yeah, failing that of course, we could play Crab Air, but I'd rather have it as an ARRSE/Rum Ration thing.

Could be fun!

As an update, its now looking like early next year in Bath instead.
Interesting idea though! How about something that is more inclusive of the old codgers here (the majority) like a sponsored pub crawl round Pompey? :D :lol:


War Hero
Always_a_Civvy said:
Interesting idea though! How about something that is more inclusive of the old codgers here (the majority) like a sponsored pub crawl round Pompey? :D :lol:

Many thanks for the brilliant suggestion Steve.
I think more of us are fit enough for a PU than a game of rugby


I'd be up for it as a No'8,

New years time would tie in very well with travel plans, or maybe we could get a sponsor to contribute to travel and flights !!!
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