It looks like ARRSE users got to higher ranks on average but are poorer. I think RR users got the better deal here - less responsibility. more money.


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I wonder if that's got anything to do with all the Army WO1's on my resettlement course who were planning on going outside to become security guards, tree surgeons and gardeners! or the TNA course I did last year where every pongo older than my son was a WO2!

Does it really matter?

RR and Bottom are significantly different. The results are also surprising with regard to rank weighting. My pecking order for reasoned and enlightening debate is; Pprune, RR, Arrse and eGoat (actually, never go there). Also, Arrse is great for a good squaddie humour laugh but the daily number of new threads is truly overwhelming!
I think you're very very wrong on enlightened debate on ARRSE. Debate in the Current Affairs board quite regularly made it to the house of lords, it gave birth to BAFF, and has a lot of 'great and good' users. Rum Ration is overall more serious, but the debate on it is definitely not.
Actually since I first posted this comment, the weight of ARRSE have overwhelmingly turned to junior ranks. Probably because it's only the senior officers who have access to PCs during the day.

Anyway as you say 'does it matter?'. No. I just thought that comparing the two sisters might be of interest.
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