ARRSE - The shape of things to come? (Fnarr)


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I note ARRSE seems to have changed the way it looks (Wordpress) - is this just a skin makeover or is it new site software, I wonder and is RR going to follow suit?


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Probably some "creative" cock changing things for the hell of it. The old adage, 'If it ain't broke don't fix it', comes to mind.


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Looks like a CSS (cascading style sheet) front page added to vbulletin using word press as the editor for the php or xml code. The forums are still using vbulletin software. Didnt know word press could do that but then again never used it so I wouldnt lol.

For those with the knowledge its easy enough to do . It just adds dynamic variety to the front page and makes it a little nicer to look at and better laid out . Sections of the css call on new posts and news articals much the same as RR front page does but lays it out better. RR posts new forum threads on the front page but if you used a css you can lay it out like a brochure . You could pull news stories direct from any source, if given the permissions of course, like the RN web site eg and have them pulled onto the front page and displayed automatically. Ect ect blah blah.

I think vbulletin uses css for its layout anyway so the RR one could be updated by whoever looks after this if they could be bothered.
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The front page and reviews sections uses a different Content Management System to the main forums software (Wordpress and vBulletin for those interested).

It is based around the need for the Admin to be better able to deliver both the forums (the bits you post in) and the reviews section and database for things that make it all work.

RR is an add on to ARRSE that the Oilivenet team provide. I am not sure if it is profitable or costs so little as it is just a sub section of the ARRSE site. As to the future, software changes mean that ARRSE is looking at a different Forum software programme and if testing goes well may change over.

Of course if you fear change then we can always revert to the 2002 site layout...

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