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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by imedic, Mar 25, 2010.

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  1. G'day chaps,

    I'm heading over to the UK in May to apply for the RM. I'll be landing in London but after that have no plans on where to stay or what to do for a job.

    Rumour has it that London is bloody expensive, I'll probably spend a bit of time there but don't want to become destitute in the process. Any recommendations on a nice place to live while going through the recruiting process?
  2. Just nip down Earls Court (Kangaroo Court ) you will find lots of like minded larakins to play with. :wink:
  3. Head for a place called Buck House then ask for Liz or Phil tell them Big Al sent you.
  4. Don't send him down here, I'm not sharing my room with anyone. :wink:
  5. Haha, I've heard that Earl's Court is a little slice of the South Pacific. Chances are I'll spend a bit of time at one of the backpackers before leaving London.

    The recruitment process will probably take a fair bit of time so it's more a case of finding somewhere (anywhere in the UK really) that's a decent place to live with an AFCO and some jobs available.
  6. There's an AFCO in every major City so no worries there, just ensure you've got good transport in.
    If you've got the chance before leaving Oz get yourself plenty of copies/or ecopies of CVs, qualification certificates etc, that'll save some hassles when you arrive. Also make sure your Visa is kosher.
    Backpackers are of generally good standard, just remember to lock all belongings away and you should be right. The social scene in most of them is pretty good too and could lead to getting into a flatting situation somewhere out in the burbs of London, which could cut your accomodation bills a bit, who you know also increases the chances of getting some jobs.
    There may well be probs in the current economic climate in getting the perfect job, but if you're willing (As I know most Kiwis are and I'll spread the ANZAC joy and lump Aussies in to the ready, willing and with a pulse mix. :wink: ) to get your hands dirty there'll be labouring type jobs aplenty I should think. If you've got some marketable job skills all the better.
    Just be prepared for the hurry up and wait routine as the wheels of the Recruitment machine trundle on. :D
  7. Never fear, I'm one of the former (sent you that PM a while back regarding joining).
  8. No 2 son who spent a few years asn a proffesional student always reckonned Leeds was one of the cheaper places to live.
  9. imedic

    Welcome to Rum Ration!

    Have you had any contact with the RM Recruiters so far?
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It generally tends to be most convenient for overseas applicants wishing to join the Royal Marines who don't have family to stay with, to place themselves in close proximity to Lympstone. (ie: Exeter) for convenience.

    With plenty of advance notice by email via the overseas desk at London AFCO ([email protected]), where possible they may be able to condense the selection process in short-order to minimise the stay time in UK.

    Best of luck.
  11. Have you thought of jiuning the Youth Hostel Association?
    They have cheap beds all over the country.
    You may have to change frequaently of course depending on their rules for number of nights.
  12. Very little unfortunately. I've applied on the RN website but haven't heard back. I sent an email to the overseas office and received this reply:

    I replied asking whether I could start the process from Canada (where I'm currently traveling) but haven't heard anything back. I've also tried the number for overseas recruiting but it goes through to voicemail.

    What might pose a bit of a problem is getting a letter with regards to my reserve liability with the NZ Army. I've got to contact the NZ Chief of Army and ask for a waiver but to do that I need proof that I'm joining the RM - bit of a catch 22 there.
  13. I should add that the number from this thread over on the PRMC forums works:

    But they redirect me to a different number that doesn't seem to be regularly manned. I'd much prefer to work via email if possible due to time differences and cost of calling.
  14. Good news! Just got my UK Visa and a Nursing Officer I used to work with has offered me a place to stay. :D

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