Arrange Chat meets here!

I noticed a few threads are started with people arranging times to meet in chat or asking where you all are. To stop these nice little repeated threads, I thought that having 1 dedicated thread would be much easier!

So you want to arrange times etc, do it here please :)

Ever loving Junior_dabs

Well i am up for a chat anytime im on site,i usually drop in if there is someone there.Its been a bit bloody quiet of late though.
wompingwillow said:
thats because I've not been there, but I'm back now, a whole week ahead of secduale, speak to you soon

Welcome back womps hope every thing went well with your treatment , good to see your avatar up there again :roll:
Hi I'm Annie I'm new to Plymouth and would like to chat to women and maybe meet for coffee and chats. No men please, I have just got married but don't know anyone at all in Plymouth.