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Discussion in 'History' started by BARNEYRNSM, Sep 29, 2012.

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  1. Have tried the power of google,the Home Office and the SPVA,but no one is admitting to who you apply to for my late Grandfathers 39-45 Medal. Only found by accident that he is due it as there is an ARP Warden that earned the GM and he had one,plus a couple of other internet hits with people saying they have their grand parents medal for time served as an ARP warden. Anyone have any experience of this so my parents and aunts and uncles can be suprised when I get it for them? I have his ID card and ARP badge if this helps any!
    Many thanks in advance!
  2. Theres no secret you apply to the medal office for the armed forces.
    You need his details of course and also you must be the next of kin. I applied for my dads replacement after a burglary but they would not deal with me as I have an elder sister who is now dealing with them.
    Ministry of Defence | Defence For... | Veterans | Medals | MOD Medal Office
  3. 250px-ARP_Hodges.jpg 'Put that bloody light out' :biggrin:
  4. As an ARP they are not armed services and therefore the Medal Office just sent it back saying they did not know who to ask! Thats the SPAV bit in my OP sorry for not calling it the medal office,I went to the medal office via the SPVA.
  5. So next try the medal issuing bods of the police force.
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  7. Well spotted Janner,I never bothered to re visit the RBL website to see if it had been updated,good call,cheers shippers!
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  8. Have the reply,he is not recorded as being an ARP warden and yet it states that on his ID card and my mum,aunts and uncles all remember him in this role.we also have his ARP badge and my brother used his ARP bag as a lunch bag for years,any ideas please as to where I now look for proof?
  9. Where did he work as an ARP Warden, Barney?
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Having had a bit of a browse, it seems ARP Wardens were part of Civil Defence and the vast majority were part time (ad-hoc), whilst they still had full-time jobs so only the very few, who drew a full-time ARP wage are likely to be recorded officially.

    National Archives maybe?
  11. They were but the Air Raid Precautions Act established regional jurisdiction and so the answer might lie in a Local History Library.
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    This thread prompted me to do a bit of a search on family history, related to the sterling work undertaken by ARP Wardens. My Mum, as a school child aged about 12, was in an air raid shelter under a school which suffered a direct hit by a landmine in November 1940 in Liverpool only 100 yards from her house (which was destroyed in the same raid). She mentioned it once, saying there were a significant number killed and that she remembered being pulled out of a pile of rubble and broken window frames, but never talked anymore about it whilst alive. Now I know, perhaps why: Durning Shelter - Liverpool And Merseyside Remembered
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  13. East Yorkshire,Kelk and Fraisthorpe ,Soleil
  14. Ninja, That's a truly dreadful story; your poor Mum.
  15. Holy thread resurrection.... I've had two years of my Grandfathers ARP service verified by his ID card, however I need proof from the "authority " he was employed by as an ARP warden for the third year, who or what is the modern day equivalent of that, it even asked if I could supply a letter from his boss at the time! The letter asking for proof of service comes from the home office, they cant or wont help or else I am asking the wrong department....
  16. Barney, it's probablyn the "Defence Medal" that you are after. Suggest you buy one off e-bay, cos you aint gonna get anywhere with the (un) civil serpents!
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  17. Since this comes under the category of Civil Defence, I suggest you check the local Government archives as all those serving in a Civil Defence roll such as an ARP would have joined and registered with their local authority (the council). Look in the town clerks books, or similar. Also, if the town where he lived had an Armory, they may have held a local ARP roster list and a copy of this would have been held by the local council at the time.

    Soleil posted this link some time ago and I think the information you require lies here...

    Hope this helps. :)

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  18. I tried looking at the link but got nowhere, it looks like a trip to the local library is in order....
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