Around the World in 80 runs ashore.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 2_deck_dash, Jan 14, 2010.

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  1. The rules are simple I will start the deployment from Pompey going out for a few beers down the Guildhall finishing the evening off in Jo's with a fatty and a kebab.

    You decide the next run ashore of the deployment, it must be one that is feasibly a next stop from the last and you must name a pub or place of interest at that particular stop. If you can post a phot, all the better.

    Let's see where the Rumration 2010 deployment takes us and what adventures arise.
  2. Before we leave Pompey, it's a couth run round the diver's old haunts of the 80's....Apsley, in at 18:00, have a bar meal of shepherds pie, to line the stomach and act as baffle plates, then round the corner into the Auckland for a decent Guiness or to the Cambridge, meet the groupies before disco divaring it at Club 21....back to the flat with the duty pash..good time had by all.
  3. You did miss out the first stop on a saturday morning, Small ships bar opened before the pubs, so an hour in there with a pasty before down the town for an afternoon session until closing, then Petes cafe by the unicorn for food and back on board for a kip prior to all dressed up for a saturday night, first Mighty Fine and them the Mecca.
  4. Nice.

    From Pompey we turn to STBD as we sail into the channel, unfortunately the Stokers have broken something and we have to make a quick dash in to Guz for the night. Cinderella leave only so its off to Union Street, a few sherberts in the Two Trees, KFC from the Octagon and a quick hand shandy in the alley from a night walker.
  5. Well obiviously after Guzz it has to to be a 4 day voyage accross the bay of biscuits to Gibraltar for a 3 Day Stop to embark fuel, fresh water, stores and WAFU's. First Night in it has to be ......
  6. Bugger! I thought we could have gone to port, to Hamburg and the Eros Centre; film stars, everyone of them.

    Then a channel dash west, and down to Gib.
  7. Gib! It can only mean one thing:
  8. completed with a chicken on a fist dosed with salmonnela no doubt after having consumed many many JC's at the hole in the wall with previous visits to
  9. Ah! The old RAS astern using my gear. :lol:
  10. I'll do a duty stand in for the next few runs as the nearest place I have been after Gib is Crete.

    I know a few of you will want to do a fuel and tabs stop in Palma or maybe Malta before that.
  11. I'll wait until Malta. the Guts gone now but there is still Marsovin, Hopleaf and Cisk to imbibe in. I can't believe the Donkey's Flip Flop, Captains Cabin or Irish town didn't get a mention on the Gib run or are we still there and I've just woken up on the beach at Europa point (again!!!!)
  12. I vote head west, straight to the big apple from Gib! Rig runs in times square, heading all the way back to brooklyn, back to monteros bar!
  13. we are still in Gib!!! its the second day in, defaulters was held this morning at 1100. Secure was 1200 minus the stokers who are refueling. Im off ashore whos coming?
  14. Alright Trigger!

  15. well after a few in the Flip flop for dutch courage i'm off for a gash tat
  16. Get the wets in shippers, I have to do SOCs so I will be ashore a bit later. I'll meet you in the Donkey's Flip Flop.
  17. Do not forget your passport, we will go up the casino later on
  18. Count me in. Postcards first or I will be in the cack. Then do some bartering in the shops for whatever electronic gadget that they are selling at a fraction of the price in the UK. That's the first ten minutes accounted for, then spend some beer chits on what they are meant to be spent on. I'm duty tomorrow.
  19. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I think someone should have a few words with the NO - did he miss Lisbon on purpose, or do we pick it up on the homeward run; can't miss the Texas Bar or the Copenhagen Bar.
  20. Fair one, in my defence the donkey phot came up but just a red cross for the flip flop phot. Worked alright later on in the thread :oops: ...or I've had too many JC's if that's possible

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