Army vs RAF ladies football match 20 Mar 13

So I'm the match referee for the above fixture (free entry btw at the stadium), but of course I find myself needing some tips from you fine upstanding gentlemen on how I should referee the game.

if it helps, the majority of the RAF team are quite divs.
Well, I think I managed to upset the ENTIRE RAF contingent...

Gave a penalty for shirt tugging and the RAF moaned about not being given a warning (despite them being punished for other offences all over the place) the actual score was 3-0 to the army. On yellow cards though, 5-1 to the RAF. Plus a misconduct for a player saying I'd taken a bribe.

An interesting afternoon!


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Look, maybe it's just me, but did you say women's football? I'm still unsure whether this is an uber wind up or not. They'll be playing fucking rugby next.

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