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can anyone give me the dates for the match next year ,me n wet blobby are going (if he gets his 48hr pass from mrs WB) i need to book a b n b cheers all


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cheers chaz only missed this year because of afghan tour ,been to the last 6 games , we should have a rum ration meet maybe in the "cabbage patch"i'll be the one drunk in the car park next to the other several hundred pissed up serviceman


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"Several hundred pissed-up servicemen?" I think you're being a little conservative with your estimation... and what about the service women?! They're worse. :oops:

I've policed the event each year between 2002-2005, and saw some horrendous sights. One of the best events I've attended though; just a good excuse to catch up with old shipmates (nothing to do with the rugby)! :wink:

Gonna miss it in '08 unfortunately... :cry:


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awesome day 60 000 army/navy getting trashed ,cant actually remember any of the games too much port killing my brain cell (only the one left)


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im in my flat for xmas ,have family nearby but fancy doing the drinking thing ,my best buddy is in afghan now soo im at a loose end something will turn up


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Glad someone has asked this questions as i was also wondering this myself.

After attending the match this year and experienced such an amazing atmosphere ive vowed im going to go every year.

God what have i been missing out on?

Hope to see you all there again next year.

Just hope that the weather for next years game is the same as this years match, nice and sunny!
Been going for a few years, missed this year for the Goddaughters wedding. You think her father, ex-matlot, would have edducatedher, or was it my job?

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