Army v's Navy Rugby Match

Anyone going?

Anyone fancy going?

I'm meant to be going with our cadets but don't fancy a stone cold sober day out, but equally the only other people I have had an offer of going with are a bunch of pongos.

Anyone who fancys a rumration supporters section ( e'g I'll make arrangements for money to change hands and then book with daddys credit card so we are all sat together let me know ASAP ether on here or by pm)



Lister said:
How many RRs are going to the Army v Navy match???

I am ... and intend to get very drunk

You might as well, just to drown your sorrows of being slapped again by 15 or so Fijians.


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So what if we do get beaten, i think the only ones that really care are the Army... all the Navy want to do is get pi$$ed and have a good laugh.


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Am going WW, but have made own arrangements hun xx

Ventress unfortunately (gritting me teeth) you are right. But honestly think they should re-name the match Navy v ex-All Black rejects :)


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When is it??

Are the RAF providing half time entertainment, after all we all know they have to be included in everything :wink: :wink:


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This is an all day event ruined by 80 minutes of rugby or should I say, a Fijian display team. :)

Will be going up with the Collingwood coach on the day.


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aussiepint said:
Can I suggest an RR scrum at The Cabbage Patch after the match??? :)

The cabbage patch will be absolutely rammed post match aussiepint and they put their prices up on match days. There are alot better pubs a short walk away in twickenham such as the Barmy Arms by the river, Hobgoblin, Eel Pie and Fox in York St
Here is a guide to Twickenham Pubs used by Harlequin fans over the years some of the pubs might haved changed as I don't know when it was last updated. I have drunk in most of the pubs myself

Not going to the game because I'm working