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army vs navy for a doctor


Hi all, apologies if this isn't in the right place, I couldn't decide where to post it. I'm a medical student thinking about getting a cadetship with either the Navy or the army, it means being sponsored through med school and then paying back 8 years after qualifying as a Dr in five years time. I have done all the research I can and been on the relevant acquaint visits but am finding it hard to see past the PR to decide which would suit me (and which I'd suit). I was hoping there may be some doctors out there who can give me any insights or perspectives they may have,and an idea of whether they'd make the same choice if they had their time over. Any input is appreciated. Cheers.
Re: army vs navy for a medic

i think thats the crux of the problem, not knowing what sort of life each offers and having to chose without that knowledge of what it will really be like.
Re: army vs navy for a medic

As far as I can tell, the initial bits and pieces are the same in both the Army and Navy. Basic training and stuff harder in the Army (lots of trenches and mud) but then the doctoring at the early stages is then the same. I guess the difference kicks in later when the Army will spend a lot of time on operations in field hospitals (there are not enough of them) and the Navy doctors will be more slightly more carefully managed in terms of career etc. You'll still do 6 month deployments but the time ashore will be medically more useful.

All I can suggest is that if you are really serious then ask to spend some time 'in the field' with both types of medic. It's done all the time and a week at sea or a week in a field hospital with the Army should give a less 'doctored' :wink: view of the job.

Hope that helps and where are the medics when you need one?
Re: army vs navy for a medic

Thought the RN's cure for everything was 3 days of ice treatment and Ibrufen?
Re: army vs navy for a medic

If you get in touch with AMS TA they will arrange an away weekend where you'll follow a medical unit on exercise. Most army medical support is provided either by the TA or by scivvys these days.

PM me if you want any assistance.
Re: army vs navy for a medic

IMHO the RN MA is a lot better trained than the Army medics.On a lot of ships the medical cover is supplied by Medics not Doctors(or has this changed?)They used to have a Dr onboard the Head Ship so the SNO had the best med cover.I think there are several types of Army medic ranging from almost Stretcher bearers with minimal 1st aid to Combat Medics.Personally i'd find sitting in the cold on Salisbury Plain a most unedifying experience.
Re: army vs navy for a medic

As far as I can tell, you're asking about being a doctor in the RN or the Army rather than being a medic.

I'm a Navy anaesthetist having joined as a medical cadet at the start of my 3rd year.

Feel free to PM me and ask any questions you might have.

Re: army vs navy for a medic

Got to be the RN unless you like sitting in a hole full of mud for weeks on end training to go a desert for 6 months.

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