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Army v Royal Navy 2008


Lantern Swinger
Thanks for that.
Its actulay got me tempted to buy the RN Rugby shirt

Ive watched games on tv, never real though so im determind to watch a match near me :D


Lantern Swinger
LOL im definatly going if i can get to twickenam.

Im going to see an RAF v civvie match in 2weeks.
That should be a bundle of joys watching my sis haha.


Lantern Swinger
Proud_2_B_RN said:
I have never seen a live Union match, (being from St Helens Union is treason) might go along to watch that.

Been going to this for years, no one told me there was a Rugby match on. Must have missed it.

Hic, Hic,

Maybe too much drinking! LOL LOL LOL

Well worth a day out.


Lantern Swinger
The opening 20 mins were fantastic. But no trys. Problem is not just the south sea islanders. Please don't forget that one of them died serving in Afganistan the day before the game. But there are Guardsmen who would never be seen in a red tunic and high hat because they are as wide as they are tall. All the RN side looked as if they would have no problem being passed fit for sea service, which is more than you can say for the Army front row. ( If you use BMI and the slightly more relevant "escape hatch" argument.) Sour grapes? You bet, in a blistering prop forward run through the oposing pack from two yards out weight and a low CofG realy do matter.


Concur with the above, I had high hopes for the first 15-20 minutes but then we were back to the same one man rugby that we've all seen for years. Didn't help with the Army South sea islanders dominating the game, their forwards simply destroyed ours. Not sure who won man of the match but the Army No.3 and No.8 were outstanding.
Cracking piss up though!!!!!


There ya go!! As a rugby league supporter, I wouldn't have recognised Chris B from Northampton. He stood out a country mile on the pitch though, he was outstandingly good. What chance will the RN ever have in this fixture when the Army has players like Chris at their disposal as well as all those lightning fast Fijians? Same when Tim Rodber used to turn out for the Army. We beat the fookers in the bar after the match though.
By the way, did anyone see the morris dancers trying to kick the crap outta each other in the north car park after the game? I know we don't need that type of stuff at the annual pilgrimage to HQ but it was bloody hilarious, more handbags than real fisticuffs.
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