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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Gasbag, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. Just a quick question.........How can I get wristbands to get into the Navy end at the Army Navy game?? Sorry I am army but the people we are going with are ex-Navy and therefore would like to go and see some ex friends.

    Any advice please??
  2. Navy are usually in the east stand so book tickets for there
  3. Thanks for the reply, but don't you need wrist bands to get into the bigger tents at the Navy end or is entry to all free and easy? As you have to have a wrist band to the relevant Corp tent at the Army end.
  4. Those navy units that have shelled alot of money out for marquees will undoubtedly require wristbands (usually the URNU's), but in my experience most Navy units just run coach trips and bimble round the carpark meeting oppos
    There will probably be a Guinness tent open to all and a RFU run bar
  5. Thanks for that Buster.
  6. Always good to see people turning up in clapped-out bangers, complete with Champagne, ice buckets, picnic tables and candelabra as they swap dits with those who've arrived in Rollers, Mercs and Jags and exchange glasses of Champers for tins of Guinness and Newky Brown out of the boot.
  7. GR and me always arrive in our metallic sky blue Morgan complete with Fortnums Hamper, table and deckchairs (or course) and a Magnum of Bolly. There is such a thing as doing things in style. ;)
  8. Its a great day ruined by 80 minutes of rugby. :)

    Will be there with the Collingwood coach all being well and I also have an invite to the Royal Engineers tent, which is supposed to be a good session from what I have been told. :)
  9. Will be there as usual .. i will be the one with a pint in each hand.
    Anyone up for a pre match evening in London on the Friday???
  10. I'll be there with my brother-in-law ex pongo, on foot with a carry-out bimbling around the car parks

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