army v navy rugby match

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by dantae, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. Ok so after reading last years antics Iam really looking forward to this years match so if any one could fill me in on the teams that would be great also is any one else going maybey we could meet up at one of the pubs after the game
  2. Dantae have a little read back on thread. It's actually Navy v Fiji, but don't let that stop you from coming...:) Yep, would be good to put avatars to faces mate :) Barmy Arms post-match. See ya there x
  3. I must admit, I thought it was Army v Navy, too...
  4. Sorry AAC 8O I don't think I have met a rugby player with a big, bushy beard??? Being watching rugby since was wee. Won't tell you my age now in case you start crying... :D
  5. barmy arms it is see you there mate after the match just 2 questions where is it and how will we reconise each other
  6. I'll be there also, when you see the line-ups you'll see why it's referred to as the Navy v Fiji.

    Does anyone know if we are up to full strength this year for a change?
  7. LOL! I'll be the loser in the corner of the bar, being propped up (hopefully) by a fijian, with my best 'We Just Fecking Lost Again!' look. I'm sure you'll recognise me Dantae!! :p
  8. ok just look for the guy that looks like a goth without the make up and the boots and short hair
  9. I thought you were going to be propping me up?!
  10. LOL! I will WW! How tall are you again.....? :)
  11. 5ft 7, so just the right height to be propped up by a nice rugby player if there are any on offer
  12. Are any of them on my side of the footpath? :D
  13. All the real action happens in the car see more people, drink more and generally have a good time. The local pubs try and rip you off....
  14. Boo Hoo Ian?? Though dogging season was over...????
  15. Special naval dogging pinta! You'll have to see it to find out!

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