Army v Navy Rugby At Twickenham - 27/04/2013 - Tickets On Sale Via The RNRU


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Piccadilly line to Hounslow east walk to bus station then 281 stops outside ground

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Ok 281 stops outside the ground but which one does he get off at? :laughing5:

Army're going to win so £5 to Holidays for Heroes if (when) they do. Any of you guys want to back your (losing) team?


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The annual pilgrimage to the best weekend of the year. I just want to be there when we win once before I become a civvy!
And i want to be sandwiched between Kate Beckinsale and Sarah Parrish in a paddling pool full of custard, but it ain't gonna happen. =D


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My money`s on the Pongos to kick your paddle bashing arses.
Well, with almost 4 times the player base to choose from along with a load of capped Fijians, that's not exactly a prediction you need to be Mystic Meg to make is it?
The occasional upset is sufficient to keep me happy, and make no mistake they are HUGE upsets, statistically they should never happen. Rugby is not like football where a fluke can win a match, the attritional nature of the game means that the best side wins 99.9% of the time, even if that is only the best side on the day.

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