Army v Navy - Babcock Trophy - 28th April 2012 - Twickenham


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I have to agree; I put up with the rain and delayed a long drive back to work in the hope I'd see something special but realising that the Army trounced the Crabs 59-0 and we only managed 13-6 puts it all into perspective.
The match is being shown on Sky Sports 1 but via its Red button option, as it clashes with something else (European rugby, I think).
It was a red button last year as well Soleil. but SKY seem to be the only ones who give the match any cover, the last few years i have scanned sever newspapers on the Sunday and Monday following the match and not a word of commentary on the best attended Rugby match (Bar internationals and cup matches) in the UK each year - the gate competes with top flight football matches ffs
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Just back home, as per normal there was the customary punch up in the first 5 mins started by the Army so we had the honour of scoring first.

Final score 49:9 ? I things are a bit hazy.

Crowd of 65,000 a quarter of the upper tier, that I could see was used for the first time.

5 Streakers during stoppage for injury 1 bloke made it across the diagonal, as big and hairy as me, 1 scored a try (in his head) a couple of others didnt make the pitch. Tinker Bell and Peter Pan and A N Other Flitted around for a while.

The Servicemen's Wives were better live than on tele and brought a tear to my eye with the National Anthem with the band.

A couple were stretchered off on the quad bike ambulance, hope they are all right.

Looking forward to the 27th. of April 2013.

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