army v navy 09


I'm looking to attend my first A V N match this year and need to know what the score is with "the beer tents". Do the matelots have there own and do you need tickets get in.


Normally all the coaches will be up there and the Navy are normally in the North or West car parks. There is plenty of ale up there, which is taken up on the coaches from Nelson, Collingwood, Drake etc and most of us go 'walkabout' to meet up with other coaches.

Mosts of the beer tents are invite only, such as the Field Gun, Engineers etc.

Its a long day, so be prepared for a very knackered and hungover Sunday.

Oh, and the Army always win the Rugby, but we win the piss up afterwards. :)


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I'm not so sure about winning the piss up afterwards...I woke up last year and felt like I had been run over by a JCB.

But I would recommend the day to anyone...Somewhere amongst the drinking, I have heard that a rugby match breaks out!

Unfortunatly not travelling up from guz by coach but staying in London the week of the match and going with a civvy oppo, do you think it would be best to jack up some invites ie Drake etc before getting there or just rock up on the day and flash MOD 90 in a vain attempt to get a wet?
If you intend watching the game then you will need to purchase tickets before hand and I would speak to your Guzz mates to see if they can get them for you. That way you will be sat near or next to them.

As for a wet. As I am sure you are aware, most matelots will get their oppo a wet if he shows up, but don't push it.


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You won't need to buy your ticket beforehand, there are touts and I think you can buy at Twickers on the day, but obviously it's cheaper to get it early from the RNRFU. You can take your own ale into the car park, and don't worry about not being on a coach, it's not the best way to enjoy the day. I've been going for the whole weekend for years now with a big group. Best weekend of the year!
Its not a sell out so there is no need to invovle touts, you can tip up and buy your ticket on the day but you might end up in the middle of the Army lot so best to try and buy in advance.

I usually end up in the signals bar, with maybe one or two other people in navy shirts if I'm VERY lucky.......otherwise I just get too drunk to care about the piss taking


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No it's not a sell out, but the ticket allocation would not be for the whole ground. For example, the whole of the upper tier may not be used. The presence of touts does still baffle me though, but they are there every year.
Where can i get some Navy Rugby shirts as I am going up with 5 ex pongos and just me so I need to wind them up in some way as they wont do fancy dress.(I thought it would be a great crack to go dressed as Morris Dancers,but they dont have a sense of humour these pongos !!)

Got one on official site now.


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I'll be there and I'm really looking forward to it.
Got my tickets ,got room in union jack club, and train tickets booked.
Saving hard for the beer tokens...and plenty of tokens are needed!


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I will be there as usual, this will be my last in the Mob as i leave 11 Days later - so i will be attempting to break my record of being mullered by 11am

Will be doing the Pre-match preparation down in Covent Garden on the Friday.

Brigham if you want to want to make a weekend of it we are doing Transport from Northolt - can sort you a room in the Mess if needed.


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Getting myself ready for the journey to London tomorrow morning and a weekend on the piss (and to watch the rugby of course:roll: )

After attending the Army/Navy game yesterday at Twickers I was disgusted by the Armys unsportsman like behaviour by scoring without holding the customary punch up in the first 10 min of the match to deside who has the honour of scoring first. :)

However the "Full Monty" streaker(male)with 11mins to go, was better than last years effort who, if I remember rightly kept his nicks on.

I also heard reports that there was a female streaker who ran round the upper tier at full time,as I could not see that from where I was sat can any one confirm this?

All in all a fantastic day out with beer, good friends, beer, great atmosphere, beer, fantastic weather and more beer. :eek:ccasion5: :party: :drunken:

Looking foreward to next years event which I hope will be a little less one sided and by which time I should have recovered


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