Army Training Cuts




At least Liam Fox seems to have the right idea

Liam Fox said:
“Training isn’t for fun. When we’ve got the Navy in the Gulf of Aden dealing with pirates and the Army and Marines in Afghanistan, we need to keep their military skills at the highest level of readiness. The Government must reassure the Armed Forces that these cuts will not have any impact on their readiness for current operations or to respond to the unexpected.â€
StixJimboRM said:
or to respond to the unexpected
Nice to see this phrase added on the end for once.

The government seem to forget that on April 1st 1982 we did not know the Argentinians would invade, on September 10th 2001 we did not know that 19 terrorists would change the foreign policy priorities of the world for the next decade.

They are obsessed with today and care not one jot about tomorrow and the next day - the sooner these incompetents are shown the door the sooner the process of putting UK defence back on track can start!
To play devils advocate slightly - you think the Tories will be any better? If you look into history then you'll see that it is in fact they that presided over most of the major cuts to the armed forces since 1900, and regardless of how well Liam Fox turns a soundbite in opposition, it won't be him that makes the decisions if they get into power. It'll still be an Afghan focus, with all the associated 'last war itis' that goes with it.

Cynical? Maybe

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