Army to Replace RNR Force protection Teams

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by itsamuppet, May 16, 2007.

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  1. Probably just a bit of Scuttlebutt, but apparantley the Army has offered to carry out the duties currently being carried out by our Gallant Boys and Girls in CS95 (GSSR).

    Please let me know this is just a dirty rumour and not another nail in the RNR coffin. :evil:
  2. I would air on the side of scuttlebutt, I cant see how the Army or the TA for that matter has time to take that on as well as Iraq, Afghanistan etc etc!
  3. Flag Officer Reserves was waxing lyrical about Seaman/SPO training last night....
  4. nothing within the FP world, the drive to use more RNR in this role if anything.
  5. I agree with the above. I saw over on Arrse they are even using TA for the UN role at Cyprus they are so overstretched.
  6. I'd say there's probably more chance of the GSSR being absorbed - ultimately - into the TA (like they did with the posties). That might explain why I've got more green kit than you can shake a stick at - I mean, why do I need a bergen, FULL webbing and mess tins to stand on the gangway of an RFA?? :?
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Seriously Guys'n'Gals:

    Don't ever be complacent about the continued need for the RNR.

    Justify your existence at every opportunity and at all levels, militarily & governmentally.

    Every serving member should aim to recruit someone personally every year- maybe a recruiting bounty like the RM would help.

    From the government's perspective, if it costs money & doesn't fulfill it's intended need, it's history.

    It will never be re-invented if you let it go. Please don't let that happen.
  8. We do the shit jobs no-one else wants to do for a fifth of the price - what more justification do you need?

    The numbers, recruitment and retention are a function of that. I'm not recruiting anybody unless I can look them in the face and honestly believe I'm offering them something they will enjoy or get something out of.

    As for the subject, does anyone seriously believe that people join the TA to stag on in ships? Why do you think the RAF Regiment get so much shit on ARRSE?
  9. I don't reckon that GSSR would be absorbed into the TA. I mean, what with the Army almagating regiments and such, the General Staff aren't going to want to be able to find funding for what would effectively be a new brigade.

    Also, as GSSR does seem to make up the bulk of the RNR, I don't think that FORES is going to be too happy to have to surrender control of SPO Teams to the Army!
  10. Ah, but I didn't say I thought we would be - just that there was more chance of that happening than the TA doing RN Force Protection duties.
    I mean let's face it, probably 90% of GSSR (me included) would probably not be able to meet the physical side of it. :D
  11. Although on the face of it we may look the same. We do both hold SA80's, wear CS95's and we even get issued kit we THINK we may not need. Deep down our roles are very different, in my opinion.

    We focus on force protection and they im sure do many other things. They are too busy with workloads all over the middle east to even be thinking that they could do our job aswell.

    Then there are the dits that we hear from past ops that it is a case of anyone who is weapons trained mucks in by being used as POW handlers.

    Ninja_Stoker is right, we need to justify ourselve to everyone. Not just shipmates but also the onlookers from other forces and the public. We need to prove that we are needed because ther will be some paper pusher who is promoted to button pusher who thinks "ah i know where to save the government their money, the GSSR branch, they never do anything and when they do they only moan about it"

    Lets not let this happen :)
  12. I saw in June edition of Navy News the RM Bandsmen are being used for Force Protection in Cyprus! Is this over stretch or is this normal? Who's next on the list? I think I am going to join the Womens Auxilliary Balloon Corps! No disrespect to the RM Bandies though - I'm sure they are more than capable of doing the job.
  13. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    But if all the bandies are doing SPO, who is going to do the stretcher bearer jobs?
  14. Don`t know how many bandies there are but the Cyprus detatchment is about a company according to King & Country, er I mean Navy News. At least the first aid cover will be second to none!

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