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I am currently a serving soldier (Lcpl) RAMC serving in an infantry battalion I am interested in transfering to RN (MCD)
have talkied to my RCMO and he has no idea about the process
I am going to go to RN careers office next week hoping they know the gen
just woundering if anybody knows the process, timescales pay drop have to complete full basic training or is there a short course
any information or advice would be much appreciated
Go on the Dii, click the Royal Navy link, then go to A-Z and look for either books of reference and/or publications. If you look at the BR3 i know it gives information for naval personnel wishing to transfer out, but not 100% of people wanting to transfer in. Worth a look though.
thanks for the answers guys will give those a read in work tomorrow
have talked my my OC but as im attached arms they dont have that much input to my career
management have talked to RCMO who is calling Glasgow to find out the process as this is new for him
again have talked to AGC here but not much use other than telling meto sign off and rejoin.
Seeing RCMO in the morning hope hes had some success.
If no joy will have to call my desk officer in Glasgow and see if he can help
been asking for months through my unit to get this far so u can imagine im begining to get a
bit fed up with them
During my career I met two blokes who had transferred over from the Army. One was an AET from some obscure infantry regiment, The Duke of Toxteth's own 1/22nd Chipping Norton Forresters or something, he had to do the whole joining process from scratch.

The other was a chief tiff stoker who had been a SSGT REME tiff, as far as I know he just dropped down to PO for a bit and did some top up courses.

He was a mental.


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Common sense stuff: Be aware the AGC always put this sort of thing in the "too difficult" tray and advise you to leave the Army & apply afresh to the Navy.

It's utter tosh of course, because it is extremely high risk & it could leave you unemployed for many months, even if you pass selection, but it makes their lives easier - you have to remember you're generating additional work for them that doesn't benefit the Army.

My advice - do the "legwork" yourself & present them with a solution rather than a problem - see if you can be spared from your unit to undergo a recruiting test, diving medical and PDA whilst still serving-without risk. If you can crack those, then you should be able to crack an "in-service" transfer (Army Friday, RN Monday).

Good luck.
Phase One.

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Phase two.

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Seriously though. Good luck.

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