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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by richie3796, Aug 22, 2008.

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  1. Im a gunner in the RA having a deep think about my previous decision of joining the professional garage sweepers, I joined when i was 16, and am now 18 so I've only done 1 year out of my 3 year ontract, If i put in said paper to the elusive RCMO, i was wandering...
    How this would affect my contract?
    If i went clearance diver how would i do the PEDA (is it a weekend selection)?
    If anyone has done it previously (the transfer) how long would it take?
    Any other advice or comments woul be apreciated.
  2. Welcome, Richie.

    There are a couple of guys on here who recruit for the RN in AFCOs. I'm sure that you will get a response from either one or the other over the weekend.
  3. Take your broom with you.

    And if you can nick a dustpan and brush as well - all the better! :w00t:
  4. i have previously been in a simaler situation but reversed RN wanting to go RMP. I was told i would have to finish my time with the RN before i could transfer over.

    But since then i have spent 3 months with the army at bordon and there is no way i will be changing over.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    There's a sticky all about transfering in this section. Generally the Army are a bit cagey letting you transfer 'in service' but you should at least try that option first. Failing that contact your RN AFCO to see if you can arrange a PEDA during leave. Good luck.
  6. Decided you wanted to keep some friends did you? ;)
  7. No just decided being treated like a **** wasnt desirable.
  8. Fair point, can understand that! Was a little random last night, was out in Edinburgh and came a across a couple of police patrol as usual, apart from one of them was RMP! Didn't expect to see them in town on a Friday night on duty
  9. Why not?
    Edinburgh is a Garrison town after all.
  10. True, but I've been here 5 years and never seen one in town. One of my mate's is ex-army so was given her a bit of abuse, didn't go down to well oddly enough!
  11. I never saw a RMP on a run ashore in the '80s, so obviously nothing has changed.

    I see cars badged up as RMP with monotonous regularity on my travels, so it begs the question that they've forgotten what their legs are for.
  12. You guys have obviously never been to catterick, cant go 5 minutes without running into one (RMP). Thanks for the help guys, one more thing, Divers generally go round in green kit (combats), is there a reason for this? do they actually do any fied work, i imagine there bomb disposal work helped in iraq? any feedback apreciated
  13. Remeber there was a squaddy stabbed a short time ago perhaps a slighly more visible presence because of this, or just trying to get free tickets to festival events.
  14. I am in week 8 at Raleigh and the start of phase 2 is quickly approaching.

    25 of us are going to try and get on the MCD course after aptitude week (shudder).

    What happens after this?
  15. Ritchie, Here's what our divers have been doing for the last few rotos in AFG. Story on page 10.
  16. Cheers mate clears that bit up, i assume that RN divers do something similar

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