Army to Navy Transfer

Hello all,
I'v been in the British Army 4 years now and have become very unsatisfied and disillusioned with my job and would like a change. After looking at the transfer list, Aircrewman is open which is a job that runs in my family and I would love to do.
My questions are how would the transfer work with my previous military service (basic training, pay grade, time served and so on)?
How long would the process take?
The reason im asking on here is that I don't want my unit knowing until im sure because you know how people are.
Thanks and any over info of use I would be glad to hear.


War Hero
It's entirely feasible to transfer 'in service' but in my experience the source service, the one you want to transfer from, tend to place such requests in the 'too difficult' tray. Generally the admin staff will inform you categorically that it simply isn't possible to transfer and insist you can only do it by leaving and applying to join another service afresh.

For Aircrew in particular, it is a ridiculously high risk to take due to the extremely high attrition rate during selection. About one in forty make the grade as Aircrewman, so you need to stack the odds in your favour and ensure you do not jeopardise your current job during selection.

If you have any history of asthma, forget it. If you wear glasses or contacts, likewise. If you have poor colour perception, ditto.

If you successfully complete selection, you will normally join as a recruit and undergo Initial Naval Training. Expect it and you will not be disappointed. Seniority will start from scratch upon entry as a recruit but you may be awarded full or partial pay increment level pay to reflect your former Army service after successfully completing training. The full terms & conditions of entry will be outlined in your 'Approval to Process' letter which is issued after you gain manning clearance to transfer from the Army.

Good luck.
Many moons ago knew a Stoker, who went for a complete brain removal and transferred to Booty, it took him years to achieve, he pointed out to many it would have been quicker to leave the RN and re-join as a booty, he made it to a 3 badge AB or sarge something like that as a Royal. He also said the paperwork to transfer was a mare to get through, and finding someone with the interest to help him, and knew of the paperwork was also a challenge. But good look, heads are were you go for wees and poos and bathrooms are where you go for a wash, you may also become the Captain of both?

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