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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by cutchmc, Oct 21, 2014.

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  1. I have transfer papers in (from Army Mechanic to Navy ME) I gather things are a bit desperate just now in the ME world, and that is why they are going to let me keep my rank (Sgt soon to be Petty officer fingers crossed). I have been told I will have to complete POET ME training, could any one please advise what is entailed in this course (difficulty, length, qualifications ect)? Also opinions on the ME world in general would be appreciated?
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  2. At the moment POET course is about 2 years based at HMS Sultan in Gosport. The course is due for a big change in the near future as part of a plan to reinvigorate the engineering branches in the RN. It will depend on when you move over as to whether you are affected. At present the course entails quite a lot of academic training which is common across the board and then specific equipment/section training depending on the unit and subtrade you are going to. These can lead to a foundation degree. In the future a lot of this training will be delivered at the LET (Cpl.) level and the POET course will be shortened to include only the administrative stuff needed to run a section at sea, followed by journeymans time in a dockyard/shore environment. As for difficulty I don't think many people struggle too much, other than some of the later stuff to get the foundation degree. If you have an engineering background you should know most of the basic principles anyway.

    Opinions on the ME world in general are a whole different kettle of fish. You are aware there are difficulties in the branch. There are many reasons for this. If you look for Project Faraday or US Coastguard on here you'll see discussions of some of the issues for yourself. Short story is it can be long hours, hard work in machinery spaces on unreliable new or obsolete old kit. You'll watchkeep and run your section at sea and have lots of work to do when alongside when some other branches are enjoying some time off. It can also be really enjoyable, tearing kit apart and sorting it working in a great team of lads and lasses. Manpower has been cut as part of lean manning ships and is often shorter than that due to inability to fill jobs (not enough of us or mad, sad and bad so landed ashore) so it can be busy. Having said that it's probably the best time in recent years for promotion chances and they are currently plowing some money into keeping us.

    Hope that helps for now. Welcome to the branch.
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  3. I managed to get on HMS clyde for a day and Spent some time speaking with the ME team, you have echoed a lot of what they said about the trade in general, thanks for the info on the course and i will have a look at the threads that you recommended. Cheers.
  4. Are you REME?
    I worked with several REME sgts when on a joint service unit at Boscombe Down. They were not mechanical but there training seemed to cover the same areas that RN Artificer training used to.
    This was in the early 80s but I don't suppose things will have changed much.
    If you are already trained to ONC level you should be OK
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  5. Just got to learn to march and salute properly

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  6. Apart from not wanting to ever go to Bordon again why are you transferring? There's not many of the ME lads who did the VMs course who enjoyed being an ME again, most are either outside or have there notice in.
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  7. 'Potential rewarded as first technicians on fast track programme lead the way'

    The Defence School of Marine Engineering (DSMarE), HMS Sultan, is toasting the success of the Engineering Branches’ most recently promoted Leading Hands who have just completed the first phase of a new fast track programme which will continue to see them rapidly progress through the rankings structure.
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  8. yes am REME and I don't think I will get many new quals out of it , just some experience on new kit. i am an A mech witch is tanks (big diesels) so am guessing there will be a lot of transferable skills to even bigger diesels.
  9. I am pretty sick with my corps, we seem to be a few years behind the Navy we are making mistake after mistake with regards to cutting post undermanning posts and trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to training. the Navy (from the outside looking in) seem to have realised there mistakes and are trying to do something about it. To be honest I think am done with the forces, but i get so much from it camaraderie and what not that I am thinking a change might be just as good as a rest, not to mention it might let me finish my 22, my family have moved 4 times in 4 years! as I understand it the Navy don't move there families as much. my wife is almost broken.
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  10. Why have you got a corpse? Do you really think a life in the military is for you?

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  11. ha ha, not sure weather to blame auto correct, my fat fingers or admit being retarded. Corrected ;)
  12. thank you for recommending the faraday thread, both worrying and informative.
  13. The grass is always greener chap. Tread carefully.
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  14. Indeed, the more that I read the more it might be time to bite the bullet and get my notice in. I have a lot of friends on the outside who are doing well, food for thought. See if I am accepted then decision time.
  15. I may be wrong but I think that the modern RN relies more on gas Turbines than big diesels, however your mechanical skills will still be very welcome.
    You may find that you acquire a new nickname...............such as Pongo:D
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  16. Good luck which ever way you go RN or Civy
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  17. Ninja_Stoker

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    Wise words.

    A sense of humour helps.
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    'Chap'? Has one been promoted?
  19. I'm new-middle class. It's how we think we should talk.
  20. done a fair bit with royal so am more than used to the pongo banter!

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