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Army to Navy transfer advice.

Morning all!

Currently serving in the REME as a LCpl class one vehicle mechanic. Have seen many opportunities for engineering positions within the Royal Navy specifically the submarine service, and it looks like an interesting switch.

There is currently a financial incentive being offered for people transferring into the Navy but the minimum rank it is offered to is leading hand, OR4.

Being that I am a LCpl OR3, a rank I believe you do not have in the Navy, if I were to be successful in transferring would they likely only accept me as a rating? Or would they recognise that I have been an NCO in another Branch?

Any advice from Ex REME or Ex Army blokes that have taken the plunge would be appreciated.



War Hero
Not a squaddie myself, but you can make a formal enquiry without obligation to commit & the approval to process letter issued will detailvthe terms and conditions of the transfer, contract, rate (rank) rate of pay, etc.
Roger, would just like to have a rough idea of what the offer would be likely to look like before I show my hand to the Coc.

Cheers though Ninja :)


War Hero
No worries, difficult to punt a guess but I'd be surprised if they promoted you upon transfer unless you had the specific qualifications, experience and skills required for the rate.

I would imagine they would most likely offer you ET(MESM) or, if you have Level 3 Engineering qualifications, either the UGAS or possibly accelerated apprentice. It's unlikely anyone could give a more accurate pointer unless you get a CV together, listing qualifications & experience.
Appreciate the reply, I don't currently have a CV put together but I'll get on that.

Although I have level 3 engineering qualifications through my current role, and being a class one I'm expected to inspect and sign off more junior tradesmen's work and inspect equipment for roadworthiness. Appreciate it's a completely different role as in the Navy but may help with your advice.

Thanks again for the reply Ninja:)


@Carra23gold I'm one of those that have recently transferred over and it's been a good move so far. I can give you the full run down on the process if needed. As Ninja said everyone will get an offer based on your quals, rank and experience. I know a non REME guy that applied to transfer as a LCpl and his initial offer was to come over as an LET, this did surprise me as he had no engineering background, anyway he failed the selection test he was required to complete and is still in the Army. The level 3 NVQ will defiantly help you. The big things that will stop anyone transferring are, Tattoos on hands and neck / face, BMI above 28, MLD, MND, failing fitness test (pretty much impossible) and finally if capita decide you have had/got any medical problems that could cause future problems.

The "transfer Bonus" you are talking about does not exist. It is not for transferring if is a financial retention incentive and as you stated it is only for OR4,OR6 & OR7's in the Engineering branch to keep them in for a further 4 years. It can not be claimed if you have any other RoS outstanding, if you become MLD or MND during the 4 years you could be required to pay it back, it's obviously designed to retain engineers and keep them at sea. I'm not saying you wouldn't get it but there a lot of people thinking a transfer bonus is available when it isn't. There is a RNTM (157 I think) explaining it, just have a look on the RN references on DII. The current FRI is due to end Mar / Apr 2019 and they are not expecting it to be renewed after that.

Anyway like I said need any info or advice PM me and I will do what i can.
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