Army to Navy qualified nurse transfer.

Hi everyone, newbie here. I just needed a bit of advice on a rather bold career move that I'm about to take. I've been in the army for 9yrs but have recently qualified as a Adult Nurse in the QARANC with 1yrs experience at an MDHU. I'm also a substantive Cpl. To keep it short, I want to transfer to the Royal Navy where I feel I'll be treated like a human being and dont face the daunting prospect of being shipped off to a Field unit/Med Regt where I'll be forced to stack shelves/tentage while I battle the powers that be to get a few hours of clinical experience to maintain my competencies.
Most of my Navy nursing colleagues brag about spending most of their careers doing what they actually trained for in an MDHU.
I also feel that the Navy will offer more stability for my family as they seem to be more supportive of 5yr postings etc (Please correct me if I'm wrong).
So if possible could I get some advice on the following:
  • Will I have to go through basic training all over again
  • Will I lose my Cpl rank
  • I'm currently in the 2nd year of my 3yr posting, will I have to complete my posting before I can transfer if successful
  • Are there any positions in the QARNNS for a registered transfer nurse and where can I find them on DII
  • What's the work/life balance like in the Navy as compared to the Army
  • What are your chances of getting your preferred posting e.g Birmingham or Portsmouth
Sorry for the long winded post guys but any advice will be greatly appreciated.


War Hero
I could have a stab at answering your queries and probably wouldn't be far off the mark, but rather than hypothesise, just give the RN Medical Specialist recruiters a call, they are by far your best reference source: 02392 727096

Best of luck.

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