Army to face cuts...

Is that a win win for the Government? Make them all redundant and then remind them that they have a commitment to the reserves for a few years after they leave, activate them and send them to the front line. Winner, commitments fulfilled. Winner, only pay them when they are away. Or am I being cynical?
I think a larger reserve force can only be a good thing as it will reduce the burden on the Regulars. There is talk of TA units deploying as formed units with their own command elements. I find this worrying as i don't think i have ever met a TA Officer that left me with any sense of confidence (except the ex-regular ones). The problem is that do not do enough time at Sandhurst and on the various command courses. Incompetence or lack of confidence will always cascaded down through the ranks and so In my opinion; this is an obstacle that will need to be overcome if this stratagem is to be successful.


I watched the statement yesterday when bob ainsworth stood up and commented on the disbandment of 3 commando brigade.
He said " if it's Not going to happen will the secretary of state confirm this" Liam fox said nothing. ( apart from later when my MP asked about 16 air assault and Colchester garrison he said "1 air assault and 1 commando situation hasn't changed since the SDSR"

Oh and they want the RM to be based in the south coast so the army are moving into Arbroath.
I find the reservist issue quiet frightening.

You can imagine some commissioned reservist officer in the field requesting a fire mission with millions of £'s worth of ordinance to satisfy a firepower lust.

Yes get the TA involved, yes, increase their numbers, but not at the sacrifice of front line regulars whose tactical awareness will never be replaced by weekend warriors.

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