army stretched???

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by jesse650, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. General Dannatt has said that the army is stretched and he would like to see his men have more time in barracks (BBC News24) what does that mean for the other services.....

    will we have to cover some areas of the army's areas of operations? Is there going to be a huge expansion of the army to allow longer rotation periods whilst keeping commitment levels as they are?

    I have heard that the chances of getting wounded/killed in the south of hellmand is 1/36.

    But I agree with his call for free parcel delivery to serving soldiers.
  2. well the navy plays a big part any way even land based. As for the mail thing i agree with it. but its not the post offices place to do it. Shoule be a govenment funded scheme
  3. Not sure what the RN can do to help the army.Maybe guard camps back in UK.Hardly going to be like the old days of Africa where the RN had divisions of sailors on the front line.
  4. It's interesting that Dannatt referred very specifically to the British winning tactically in Afghanistan. Here is a very good response to the situation which I stole from an ARRSE post. It seems very appropriate.


    Generally you are right. Stategy and tactics are different. Moreover, USA has own strategy and tactics in Afghanistan that differ from British ones.

    Strategic goal

    Soviet Union: to create pro-Soviet satellite regime and using it extend Soviet expansion over the region maybe even to Iran, Pakistan and the Gulf countries.

    USA: to create pro-American satellite regime and using it extend American expansion over the region maybe even to Central Asian countries, former parts of the Soviet union.

    The UK: hasn't strategic goal.


    Soviet union: military pressure of opposition to the puppet government, economical aid, ideological expansion, propaganda, creation of puppet army.

    USA: military pressure of opposition to the puppet government, economical aid, ideological expansion, propaganda, imitation of attempts to create national army.

    The UK: to obey orders from Washington.


    Soviet Union: wide spectrum of measures including bombings, killings, bribing of tribal leaders, using of special Soviet regiments formed from Soviet Uzbeks and Tajiks (to win 'hearts and minds), education of 'future' Afghan elite in the Soviet union and so on and so forth.

    USA: bombings, killings, bribing of tribal leaders, using of British and other allied forces to make dirty job. Attempts to win 'hearts and minds'.

    The UK: to obey orders from Washington.


  5. Are you suggesting, Bergen, the the UK is nothing but a puppet of the USA? How cynical of you.
  6. We are losing people soon to go help build Bastion2

    The RN is going to be playing a much bigger role over there very shortly.
  7. Yes and although the Post Officer is a private company, its sole owner is HM Government, so either way the government takes the hit.

    So both the professional heads, or former heads of the Army and Navy are saying they are overstretched, time now for the Govnernment to admit that the cuts really did harm ability to do the job?
  8. Regarding the free parcel issue, I know from experience that it costs around £7 to send a 2kg parcel out and not every family can afford this. So IMO free ones all year round would be an excellent idea but I think some sort of limit on number sent would have to be applied as some would inevitably attempt to take the piss.
  9. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I'm sure there are plenty of jobs the RN could do for the Army, the question is just how politically acceptable would it be to free up second line soldiers and send them to war, whilst cutting back RN commitments to backfill their jobs? I can see that idea going down like a fart in a space suit. I think the next question then is: who is going to in turn do the RN's job bearing in mind that half the FAA is already committed to land based ops and quite a few GS are out and about in the sand pit(s), patrols all over the place and that nice Mr Putin has now offered a future threat for our underwater brethren to match.

    The point here is that unlike say a big engineering company who win a nice new contract and then advertise for: "welders 2 year contract, good pay and conditions with bonus available"

    Advertising for trained soldiers is somewhat more tricky "wanted fully trained platoon commander, average pay, long hours, no bonus and must have experience (your experience may have led you to leave in the past but try and get over that, we promise things are better now)"

    There's a bit of a time lag between recruiting and employing servicemen, whilst it is comforting to see record numbers joining the Army in the West Midlands I do wonder if the inflow is even coming close to matching the outflow! The key is keeping them in when they are trained, interesting that we have a recruitment organisation and a resettlement organisation, just where is the "retention" organisation? Civilian companies suffer from their workforce giving as little as 1 weeks notice, retention is something they have learnt is important and have at least some will/ flexibility and strategies to cope with it.
  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    "Army stretched?" Another missed opportunity for AAC to make a gay joke, to wind up everyone up and to start another homophobic rant... 8O :lol:
  11. Can anyone else hear a fuse 'hissing'?
  12. Army Stretched, must have been 3 Para Mortar Platoon. :whew: :pukel:
  13. No I just p1ssed on it. :thumright:

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