Army Sgt Vehicle Mechanic (REME) transfer to Royal Navy ME

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Redfox87, Jan 17, 2017.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I am looking for some info on transferring to Royal Navy ME.

    I am already a SGT Vehicle Mechanic (REME) in the Army and i am thinking about transferring to Royal Navy ME.

    I think my time as a Vehicle Mechanic has run its course and wouldn't mind a new challenge still within the mechanical side of life.

    I believe there is a DIN out somewhere about the transfer but I am struggling to find it.

    Any info about whether I would keep my rank and about the training would be much appreciated.
  2. Look for user name 'Hooly' he has just done it.

    As an aside, are all those Pongos coming over 'cos of the RN's 2 snorkers at brekky rule?
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  3. Is some recruiter wandering around pongo camps press ganging new recruits or offering a bouncy castle on their birthday's, seems to be a few wanting to join the Senior Service
  4. Cheers I have already messaged Hooly. Waiting out for a reply

  5. Tiffy Course?
  6. @Redfox87 Hello mate, Hooly is away at the moment in the oggin somewhere. Anywho he did complete the Direct entry scheme which is totally different from what you would be looking at doing. He done his 22 in the Army, was a civi for a couple of years then joined back up so obviously he couldn't just transfer.

    However I have just transferred, long in the tooth now (1 Month in the blue suit) and it's a breath of fresh air!
    I was REME also (pushed out 19 years, needed a new challenge) and came across with a couple of others and quite a few are following.

    There is no DIN on the subject as the RN are not allowed to actively poach us pongos, however word has spread and Glasgow have got a bit of a hump on. To that end I believe they mate have now put time delays on guys coming across but 12 months should be the max.

    I have all the info and contact details for the relevant people and I can give you the run down on the process if needed. It's pretty simple to be honest but you will have to deal with civis (CAPITA) and that is the most time consuming part. I take it you are MFD and able to pass all the fitness tests ect as that will be required?

    Anyway if you want any help, PM me and I will pass on all the info.
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    No, no, no. No.

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  8. There are plenty of us doing our recruiting part now. Will be the Army with the Engineer problem soon.
  9. @Richbomber,
    Hi mate, I have just followed this thread and I am looking at the info at the minute to make a career choice. I am currently deployed on Ops in Africa until July, so there's no rush at the minute. I have served 20 years and I'm an Artisan SSgt VM A, I am MFD and pass fitness tests no problem.

    I 'could' promote to WO2 in 2018 and then maybe apply for LE commision, however I'm at a 'what if" crossroads. My wife has a few serving friends in the Royal Navy and they have suggested looking into transferring across as some Engineers are keeping their rank and you could actually still serve till aged 55 and then leave without having to extend your service through the army LE route. Any information would be appreciated in order for me to make a decision, as you stated there is no DIN as such and APC Glasgow know they have a problem on their hands. Would I be leaving it too late at my 21 year point in Feb 18 to decide? I will still serve until July 21 with VEng Full potentially, so I'd still have 3 years left in the army.
  10. Whoop, another one! :)
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  11. I'm almost sold, keep rank, move from Supp 2 to 3. Have more increments. Serve till 60. FRI. New challenge and learn new things.
    The deal breaker is can you actually Grow a beard?
  12. redmonkey

    redmonkey Badgeman Book Reviewer

    And 2 snorkers for brekkie
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  13. Yep either sidies to the bottom of year ear without someone getting a monk on or just go all out and grow a face rug :)
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  14. Grow a set ? , of long as it does not look like hairs on bacon you will be fine. :)
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  15. ....and get a copy of this.
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  16. This version is priced at only £2.80 p&p , much the same as the one above ^^ which has the new cover.
  17. serve till 60!!!!!

  18. Can I just ask whether the transfers are still ongoing and being accepted and if the Engineering Branch FRI RNTM dated March 17 still stands with regards to the FRI?

    I am deployed on Ops and have no DII access until I return in 2 weeks however there is a duty rumour circulating that Army HQ are trying to put a stop to it. I'm not sure how maybe by scaremongering. Shows how desperate they are. Either way, if the FRI is removed VM's and other REME trades will move from Supp 2 to Supp 3 and after 20 years I can prolong my career. I can't see how the Army can stop transfers unless it comes direct from Whitehall. Anyway my transfer will be going through by August and duty rumours and scaremongering will only make me more determined.

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