Army rugby boss under investigation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by copenhagencup, Apr 29, 2007.

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  1. Lieutenant-Colonel Andrew Hickling of the Royal Corps of Signals has been suspended as the army’s director of rugby after he admitted taking “inappropriate†payments of up to £1,000 from serving soldiers.

    This is categorical proof the the Army are not playing on a level playing field, suspend any players immediately who are linked with this and it will probably decimate the army team for Saturday of its foreign legion and more.
    Hope Lieutenant-Colonel Andrew Hickling is thrown out without pension and banned from involvement with rugby for life, sponging tosser.
  2. Give the cnut a revolver and tell him to do the right thing!!!!!
  3. It's a disgusting business if the allegations are founded, no mistake about that.

    If however, he is sent forward for prosecution, in common with normal policy the thread will be locked till the outcome of the trial.

    Still, at least the Matelots now have something to sing back at the Pongos about :(

    In the interim, please keep any "personal anecdotes" or remarks that may be of some influence in any trial that may come to pass off the thread please?



  4. oh dear! :lol: nicely timed
  5. I heard in the Chatroom last night that AARSE were composing a derogotary song about the Cornwall 15 set to the tune of the Drunken Sailor to sing at the match next weekend! Perhaps we could compose something in a similar vein set to a traditional Army song about corruption in ARU?

    Just a thought...... :wink:
  6. Tut,tut,whos alledgedly been a very Naughty boy????
  7. Does he read Rum Ration?

    Will he be reading Situations Vacant?
  8. Does this mean there will be a spare seat or two in a very nice box at Twickers?

    Will there be a bidding war on Armynet?

    AAC , as someone on Arrse has started a thread about songs to sing at Twickenham, rubbishing the Navy re. recent events, I think it only fair that the Navy get their lyrics sorted pre-match.

    So if someone could do the honours in Lil's then the winner is despatched round the fleet via DII ?
  9. To the tune of "Its a long way to Tipperary"

    Its a grand now to tip our Colonel,
    Its a grand now you know,
    It's a grand now to tip our Colonel
    For the softest post I know!
    Goodbye Basra City,
    Farewell Kabul Square!
    It's a grand now to tip our Colonel
    But my wads right there.

    Enjoy!! :D (Shoul I post on ARRSE???? yes or no!)
  10. Cracking tune Smiffy, but probably best not.

    We do have an embargo on Service personnel being discussed under threat of proceedings/investigation over on Arrse, as we do on RR.

    But I've let this one stand on the provisio listed above, mostly because you Blue Jobs need reasons to be cheerful :D

    Oooooh I can feel a tune coming on....
  11. sold!to the gentleman in the white cap! :D
  12. Psssssssssssssssst 'ere Guv you wanna play for saracens?Only a grand to you chief!
  13. You'll see me on Saturday, I'll be the one waving a wad of fivers.
    well one anyway!
  14. ha ha i love a grudge match shame the army shud be called fijian national team rejects
  15. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    It's a long way to the showers
    It's a long way to go
    it's a long way to the showers
    That's why we dont go
    Goodbye to healthy living
    Farewell to the soap
    It's a long way to the showers
    we're pongo's you know.
  16. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    It's a long way from fcuking fiji
    It's along way and it's cold
    It's a long long way from fcuking fiji
    For the sweetest bung I know
    Goodbye to sunny weather
    farewell to my bung
    It's a long long way from fcuking fiji
    For the bentist bloke I know.

    If PTP or Seadog want to move the song to Lils then digout.
  17. Go for it - if they can't take brickbats, they shouldn't throw them - they'll probably have a laugh themselves anyway :lol:
  18. I'd like to second that WM, it's very catchy! :twisted:
  19. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    It's a grand to play for your team
    It's a grand we know
    It's a grand to play for your team
    You didn't think we'd know
    Farewell to all your wages
    Goodbye to your doe
    It's a grand to play for your team
    Your colonel told us so.
  20. Maybe he can run the team at MCTC Colchester? :wink:

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