Army Reservist transfer to Royal Navy Officer


Hi guys!

Quick question for anyone in the know, I am a CPL in the reserves and am hopefully going to BRNC shortly. Does anyone know if this is a "transfer" or do I technically leave the TA then join the RN? Also as I have some rank and a little experience would I receive any other benefits pay rise etc? cheers


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You effectly leave the AR on the friday and join the Navy on the monday on JPA, keeping the same service number.

The payscale you join on will have been outlined in your Approval to Process letter, assuming you applied via an AFCO rather than the seamless transfer route. The letter will also outline whether you join on the Officer new entry rate of pay or are awarded partial seniority/higher scale/pay increment upon completion of a key point in the training pipeline. If you did not transfer via an AFCO, AIB will advise to rate of pay upon entry.

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