Army paper says IRA not defeated


Lantern Swinger
How many British Army veterans who served in Northern ireland over the past 37 years will agree with the following statement in a recently released Army paper?

Army paper says IRA not defeated

‘It describes the IRA as "a professional, dedicated, highly skilled and resilient force", while loyalist paramilitaries and other republican groups are described as "little more than a collection of gangsters".’
Well it's right in some ways - they are not defeated! WE stopped the war because B.Liar and his wife decided they couldn't make any fame or fortune if they were shot to death! Better to talk 'em out of it with lots of promises (many many years ago the English bought the mauaudering Danes off with lots of gold! when it ran out the Danes came back for more! wonder how long it will be before the IRA comes back for more

(just a thought - IRA, IRAQ, IRAN anybody see a pattern forming here?)
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