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Trainer, I will update tomoz, but pretty certain that when the FOX FUN BUSSES arrive at West Stand Car Park, whilst the team set up the bar and food etc, 3 FOXES will have alphabetical lists, you opo over to them, give name of lead person from unit, or if bought direct from Fox, lead name of buyer, and on production of ID, get your tickets and wristbands. Coaches will be leaving FOX 45 mins earlier, to ensure they are in the Carpark between 1200-1230.

Note that there will be screening to get into west stand Carpark, so if arriving on foot, get there early.

PM me for any more info?
I have an update:

Those tickets/wrist bands ordered via HMS KING ALFRED, will be delivered too KA this coming Tuesday.

Those personnel who are travelling on the FOX FUN BUSES will have their tickets/wristbands issued at FOX when they board the Buses

Those personnel who have ordered from FOX, but via their own unit:
1.The lead individual from the unit will present themselves (with proof of ID) to the FOX FUN BUSes in the West Stand car park circa 1200-1230.
2.They will sign for an envelope containing pre-ordered tickets and wristbands
3. That individual will then be responsible for further issue to personnel

Those personnel who have ordered direct from FOX without going through their own unit:
1. Steps as above, but the nominated name on the order to FOX will have to present themselves for issue etc.

Make sense??
just for you matey (full doc is on DGW)
1. Saturday 30 APRIL 2016 PM

a. 1200 coaches arrive at Twickenham. Coach 1 and 2 to West Stand Car Park, Coach 3 to Rosebine car park. Occupants of Coach 3 will need to walk to meet the other two coaches (approx. 10 minutes walk).

b. Once parked, PO XXXXX to take charge. Commence setting up of buffet lunch and bar service. OOD and duty team are to ensure good conduct and an orderly queue is formed, ensuring no-one without a wrist band is consuming food or drink.

c. Personnel meeting the HMS FLYING FOX contingent at the ground will need to make their way to the HMS FLYING FOX staging area in the West Stand Car Park to pick up tickets and wrist bands (Option B) or just tickets (Option C) from OC XXXXX or PO XXXX. Units which have block booked will need to send their POC with a MOD 90 card to collect their tickets and/or wrist bands. The only person who can collect these is the Unit POC which placed the order. If that POC is unable to attend then they will need to inform PO XXXXX at least 24 hours before and nominate a new POC for the day who will need their MOD 90 card with them. Individuals who have bought and paid for their tickets as individuals may collect their tickets/wristbands as individuals but will need to produce photographic ID.

d. From 1400 tidy away food as required. Duty watch to take charge.

e. NLT 1430 all tickets must be collected from the West Stand Car Park staging point.

f.1500 kick off.

g. 1645 Tables out of coach 1 remainder of buffet lunch out and drinks to continue. PO XXXXX to take charge. Duty watch to assist.

h. 1800 return to coaches and final gash sweep of area. Coach I/Cs take charge.

i.1830 final departure time for coaches. Anyone not on the coaches at this point will be left behind.
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VMT - I am led to believe our tickets are being picked up and delivered by hand by PO XXXXXXXXXXX today and can be obtained tomorrow. :)

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