Army Navy Sat 3rd May

For those who wish to take advantage, HMS FLYING FOX is putting as many coaches as is needed from Bristol to Twickers and back (with champers breakfast, drinks, lunch and ticket + curry back at FOX in the evening), and for those who wish, you can meet at the 2 coaches that have West Stand Car Park places, with Ticket, Drinks and food provided. £30 for the Twickenham only option, and £50 for the full Monty from FOX. If your unit is unaware of who to contact at FOX, pm me for details. UP NAVY!


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Sounds great unfortunately not much point in travelling 5hrs from Yorkshire to FF to travel 4hrs to Twickers. Hope to see you all there for a couple of Cheeky one's. Ceres are putting a coach on from Leeds. There and back in the day.

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Good Drills on Ceres.
Hopefully your coach will be close to ours? Do you know if you have WEST STAND car parking? If not, we might be able do some sort of deal whereby you can be fed and watered in the WS by FOX???
in any event, see you there, and pop over and say hello


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Last time we followed the URNU to the Turks Head and it was quite good. Busy enough to make it enjoyable but you could still make it to the bar.

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