ARMY NAVY Rugby Match

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Tiffy_Massive, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. Well you salty old sea dogs, are you going to give the Army a good match this year or roll over and take it?
    Are the boys in red going to make it 5 wins in a row???

    Your thoughts please Ladies & gentlemen. :D
  2. You will probably win once again. After all, it would most rude of us not to let you win seeing as you have recruited half the Fijian nation the last 3 years or so.

    Rest assured, you will lose both the singing battle and the drinking one as you lot cannot string three words together once you have had a sniff of the barmaids teatowel. ;-)
  3. You're probably right about the Fijian thing. To be honest i think they have killed off unit rugby to a certain extent. Most the guys get pi**ed off when a bus load of Fujies turn up for a match. They may be good players in open play, but they make sh1t forwards. I'm suprised someone in either the Navy RU or Crab air RU have not decided to counter them by sticking the ball up the jumper and playing a forwards game. If they were any good at the 15 man game they would do much better as a national team than they do. I have coached teams with Fujies in and it's hard work tryin to get them to stick to a game plan.

    Having said that when they do they are quite good. My last team won the US Portsmouth league 2 years running, but then again i would not let more than 4 fujies on the ppitch at any one time.

    No matter what happens on Sat i hope the match is worth wasting valuable drinking time on. You'll recognise me, i'll be the one in the red polo shirt supporting the winning team from the bar.
  4. Has the match been played (today is : 25/04/06)
    If so.... Scores please :D
  5. It's being played on 6th May.
  6. nice one... I take it the army always wins...
    does the navy include Royal Marines and SBS :D
  7. Dean.
    As has already been said above, the Army has won for the last 5 years because a great part of their team is made up of Fijians built like brick sh1thouses.
    I believe anyone in the RN/RM can join the RN Rugby Union, if they're good enough.
  8. well, why dont you join 'dunkers' ;)
  9. Fellas just tryin to get some friendly banter on the go. As i said earlier the fujies have killed the game off in the army a bit, having said that it's still good to see a service team going well against the prem clubs at the middlesex 7's etc.
    I think forcing the better players to play civ club rugby across all 3 services has also led to a lowering of the standard of unit side. Clubs don't want service personnel injuring themsevels while playing for unit sides. which in turn has meant that the better players are not there showing a good example to the newer guys.

    It's a vicious circle. Can't win either way.
  10. whilst serving in NI i played for the RGJ (only matelot to achieve this i believe!), we played the Royal Scots Guards i think it was, from Bally K, we had never trained together and then the Jocks turned up, well when i say jocks they had one Jock in the side the rest were Fijian.
    We did score first, then stood back as they played the most expansive game i have ever witnessed, we were lucky coming off the field at then end not losing by more than 113-5 scoreline. Couldnt drink for toffee though, but then again neither could the pongos. I was last man standing and had to try getting the rest to bed b4 the RSM caught them!
  11. Well I'll be there. Any one else? Or are you all going to be bashing away at your keyboards. To any one who has never been, you should. It is the biggest social event of the year. Twice as much beer is drunk by half the amount of people present at an international. This is not about rugby it is about service pride. We have our Fijians too. They are listed as stokers from type 42s. Problem is the Army's are better than ours! Lets hope all the best pongos are some where ending in 'stan and all our ships are alongside the wall because we can't aford to send them to sea and we may have a chance.


    (By the way we demolished the light blue this year so here's hoping.)
  12. I shall be there and going up with the Collingwood bus. Think we are allocated a plot in the West Stand car park. Will find out on Sat morning for sure.

    Lets hope we finally beat the Army. Been a while since we last tasted victory (2001).

    Go Navy!!!!!!!!!
  13. Can't make it - got a prior commitment that I can't get out of. Plus point - my ex-Royal Engineer father-in-law has to make the same RV as me, and misses his first RN/Army in 5 years.

    There will be a radio at the short trail. See if we can do better - we suffer by not being able to keep the team together for a reasonable period of time. Used to be the same with Boxing, but since Q started kicking arse on there, we are doing much better with a decent squad.

    Go Navy!
  14. Anyone heard the score yet? I could'nt go, but I've recieved a very confused text message that suggests a draw. Confirmers?
  15. 9-3 to the Fijian National Team. Rumour has it that we are going to naturalise the All Blacks next year, let them join, never draft them to front line units, let them avoid any form of military training, and see what happens then.....
  16. When we have four times the amount of people to choose from. When we can take the team and separate it from the rest of the RN for pre season, tours and matches. When we can recruit guys based on sporting ability alone, segregate them from the rest of the RN and not make them carry out any professional or military training.....not bitter, just getting fed up with the scales being unfairly leveraged.
  17. Good points there! Suppose being at sea, its hard to actually take time off for social fun!
  18. Get real, all.

    If we had players good enough, they'd get the time to train. It's been a long time since the RN & RM had enough really good players to make a 15 capable of winning.

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