ARMY NAVY Rugby 2011

Joint_Force_Harrier said:
I know nothing about the area Pubs etc, so I will bow to somebody else's wisdom on this one.
Many people stop off at one of the pubs near Richmond station for drinks then hop on the free bus service up to the ground, JFH.
There may be a small stand for the Army v Navy Challenge Coins, alternatively they can now be purchased direct from the UK Challenge Coins Website...


Lantern Swinger
Might be tempted, not sure though, give me five or more good reasons why I should, other than beefy guys in tight shorts ;-)
Done the training, starting Winch 0900 ish , "Firestation" Waterloo 1100 ish then to the "Rugby Tavern"

Have good one very body................. Gave up a ticket for Saints last home match for this.

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