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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Destiny, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. I`ll be there as usual :) in body if not mind :drunken:
  2. That's good to know at least you will be there in some way.
  3. I don't suppose anyone knows... In previous years I've always got tickets beforehand but I'm going with some civvie mates this year who can't get their act together and confirm who's coming and who's not. Does anyone know if I can just get tickets on the gate and not have to worry about this? I know I did one year but can't recall seeing them on sale last year!
  4. Il be there. West stand middle tier. looking hungover.
  5. Hung over 8O ??????????? You arnt trying, you should be happy/merry/pissed if not Harry Crappers by by kick off :D
  6. I am going, along with the wife and as usual will be pissed, drunk and unable to remember the Army beating us once again.
  7. Have a little faith you never know.
  8. Ok ok. Il keep the side up. Il be smashed by the time im off the train from exeter. if not before it even leaves st davids st. then il be merry and cheering al match while keeping booze tank topped up before retiring back to exeter in a haze of wonderful smashedness
  9. thats better scouse
  10. No worries. Just out of practice. the now EX was a teetotaller so not been able to feed my booze addiction for a while.
  11. Aww, you poor thing.

    Well you best get practising then.
  12. Bollocks!!! Still be in Atlanta!!!
  13. Anyone know if this will be shown on the TV at all over the weekend?

    Being up here, and working the whole weekend, it would be ashame to miss it.

    I'd even resort to listening to it on the radio if i can find a station that is covering it ?


    Edit; Sky sports three red button. Hope i can sky + that
  14. Got about 20 odd of us travelling from Farnbourgh,epic 45min journey :lol:
  15. Was at Twix last weekend...loads of touts....sod ur civvie mates get em to sort themselves....!
  16. Sky might be showing it i hear.

    Il be crawling off the train at twickers ready to drink even more and cheer my head off.

    Cant wait.
  17. Its on Sky Sports RED BUTTON.


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