Army Navy 16 - RNR Bash

i am led to understand that HMS FLYING FOX has reserved 500 tickets for the RNR ON 30th April 2016. 3 options available,
coach from Bristol, inc champagne breakfast, food and drinks in West Stand Carpark, ticket, and curry back at FOX (£65)
Meet in West Stand Carpark for food, drinks and ticket, (£45)
Ticket only (£25)

Every unit should have a POC to liaise with FOX, however if no joy, PM me and I can put you in contact with organisers.

Tickets have to be paid for by 30 Jan.



Lantern Swinger
If I am attested at wildfire am I eligible to get my paws on some of these tix? It was always a good run when I went before!

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Wildfire has a dedicated POC, not sure of who, but an email to your PSI in the first week of Jan should elicit a response. If no joy by 10th Jan, PM me, and I will have found out who the POC is. See you there.

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