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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by SimpleReservist, Dec 13, 2015.

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  1. i am led to understand that HMS FLYING FOX has reserved 500 tickets for the RNR ON 30th April 2016. 3 options available,
    coach from Bristol, inc champagne breakfast, food and drinks in West Stand Carpark, ticket, and curry back at FOX (£65)
    Meet in West Stand Carpark for food, drinks and ticket, (£45)
    Ticket only (£25)

    Every unit should have a POC to liaise with FOX, however if no joy, PM me and I can put you in contact with organisers.

    Tickets have to be paid for by 30 Jan.

    Go NAVY
  2. Five hundred tickets? That seems awfully optimistic. How many RNR usually go?
  3. 380 last year
  4. If I am attested at wildfire am I eligible to get my paws on some of these tix? It was always a good run when I went before!

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  5. Photface,
    Wildfire has a dedicated POC, not sure of who, but an email to your PSI in the first week of Jan should elicit a response. If no joy by 10th Jan, PM me, and I will have found out who the POC is. See you there.
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  6. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    No, be truthful LOL. How many RNR,:D and how many mates, family and other assorted hangers on....
  7. Trainer, you may have a point ol bean
  8. HMS CERES are taking a coach. A couple of places left if anyone wants to travel from Leeds.

    PM me for details.
  9. Circa 400 tickets have already gone, the rest need a £25 deposit paid by 31st Jan.
  10. SOLD OUT - perhaps next year we need to go for four figures
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