Army JNCO to Navy Officer

What's the correct process to transfer from the Army as a JNCO to joining kthe RN with a view to commission?

Are the entry requirements the same as a direct entry or those of a rating applying?
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Talk with your chain of command. I’m 95% certain you will have you do the same process as a civvie would joining the RN. I haven’t got access to BR3 at the moment, of you are at work you could have a look yourself.

You will need a recommend from your CO.

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I did this myself. There is 2 parts to this, first you need to raise the transfer paperwork through the Army for them to release you and for you to get a recommendation from your CO. Then you go through the whole process that a civilian joining the Navy does, interviews AIB etc. As you're coming from the ranks, the Navy recognise this and award you with additonal seniority.

I got in contact with an organisation called 'CNR Captain Naval Recruiting' and they will let you know if you have the education, but yeah, you need the same as what a Civi has'.

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