Army ex-DDS Diving Instructor loses legs in Afghan blast

I'm grateful to Soleil for drawing my attention to this. I'm also glad to know this Sapper is being supported by a mutual RN diving buddy:

Soldier loses legs in Afghan blast
Portsmouth News 24 Jul 2010 said:
Friends of a soldier whose legs were blown off in roadside blast say he's remaining positive despite his appalling injuries. Michael Yule, a sergeant in the Royal Engineers, had been serving in Afghanistan since March. He was with his colleagues in Helmand when he stepped on an explosive device and took the full blast of the bomb...

His friend and colleague Lieutenant Commander Rich Watson told The News: 'He is just so positive - that's the sort of person he is. He is already thinking about what he wants to do to maintain his fitness. He is thinking about what to do when he comes out of hospital.'...

Sgt Yule had been living in Southsea with his girlfriend Jody and had previously worked as a defence diving instructor at the Defence Diving School, Horsea Island, Port Solent, for three years, before he went to Afghanistan. The fitness fanatic was also the Army, RAF and Royal Navy powerlifting champion...
I'm sure we all wish Sgt Yule a speedy recovery and the best possible future given the nature of his injuries.
Today's Portsmouth News contains the following article. MCD Officer Lt Cdr Richard 'Soapy' Watson RN appears on the extreme left in the photo of the runners.

Runners endure mud fundraiser for soldier who lost legs to bomb
Portsmouth News 26 Jul 2010 said:
Teams of runners took part in a muddy fundraiser for a soldier who lost both legs. Friends and strangers banded together in support of Michael Yule whose legs were blown off in a roadside blast in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

Three teams took part in the Search and Rescue event in which competitors ran in muddy, shallow water, from Port Solent, across Portchester creek to Portchester Castle where they had to rescue 14 'dummies'...
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