Army Everest Expedition


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Just thought I would pop a post here to encourage you all to visit this site.

Despite the thread title and the Army's monopoly of the title there is a bootneck and a crabfat on the main team. I wish these guys all the best of luck and a safe return to blighty on completion of a successful ascent.


So how far did you get, the advert looked impressive unlike the climb. Shame what a result that would have been. Shame the RN didn't advertise the Polarquest as well, most civies haven't even heard of it never mind what they did.


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Its nice to see that the British spirit of adventure is still alive.
Mary and her faithful dog Daisy will be making a single push from base camp to the summit along a new, direct line, which as far as is known is previously unclimbed and has a severe, purist beauty to it which is unusual in modern mountaineering on Everest.


A remarkable woman, her web site at has more information along with two excellent movies showing the team training.


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