Army entry age raised

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Canaldrifter, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. The reason given this morning was:

    That way we get people with more sense.

    Shirley if they had more sense they wouldn't join the army anyway?
  2. And don't call me Shirley!!

    PS Drifts I am sure you are right!
  3. I think 17 is a bit young for lads to be pushing their (still growing) bodies, but then i think it must be more difficult to 'convert' older people into army personnel. Depends how much it's going up by i suppose. One year won't make a lot of difference i don't think. But it would mean that they'd have to get jobs prior to joining up.
  4. Some of us seem to think that the lower age has been raised. This is not so. The army has raised the upper age limit to fall in line with other services. It would help if posters put a link in so that the facts can be checked.
    For this one see
  5. Ohhh! That changes a lot. I retract my previous statement :)
  6. A spokeswoman for the MOD denied this was due to a crisis in recruitment.

    so there telling us they dont just accept anyone at all. yeah okay.
  7. I posted elsewhere on RR about a Mum of three who has just completed initial training at Raleigh. She is 36. Apparently the upper age limlt for joining the RN is 37. So it seems a bit odd to me to read that the Army are coming into line with the RN and the crabs.

    Keep Striving.
  8. What next the return of the Naval brigade, formed from the ships companies of the mothballed 22`s and 42`s. What will happen to the Brickwoods competition when then the guns are removed and recommissioned.
  9. she was in drake or walker division when i was there i think.
  10. On the three BBC broadcasts that I've heard, it said they were raising the army recruiting age to 33 (repeat 33), "to bring it into line with the Navy and RAF". The Royal Navy upper limit is 36, ie actually in before the 37th birthday, I don't know about the crabs. But then you can't trust much that the BBC broadcasts as news these days so I'll wait to have it confirmed by a sensible source.

  11. Have just picked up my Navy News from my newsagent. Letter over the signature 7 Troop, L Company, 42 CDO RM., on op Herrick headed "Don't call us Sailors", from which I quote - "I think the RN is trying to cash in on the RM's success by including us" and "Sailors join the Navy, soldiers join the Army and Marines". - to which the editor replies, in part, "Last time we looked the Royal Marines were still part of the Royal Naval service with an Admiral at the top - and as we rather like them, we intend to keep writing about them"

    Sensible comments please!!!

  12. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I never thought that Royal would forget his heritage, they treat their History very very seriously and rightly so, they have a lot to be proud of. Is this the start of the RM distancing itself from a poor and incapable service with the hope of embedding itself into the home of a wealthier cousin?
  13. Cheers mate. I heard it on the radio, and they didn't give out a url :wink:
  14. it gves them an increased chance of recruiting an Adult!LOL
  15. It were the maximum age to join is 37 but you still can join at 16 they have put the maximum up to 37 cause they need recruits and they hope that ex army lads will re-join
  16. What's this i hear about encouraging Muslims in the Midlands to join the army? I may have missed a post about this. I don't get it- if they want to, they'll join, right? So easing up on recruitment and dragging them through the AFCO doors is going to do no-one any favours. I don't get it. You know, all this PC crap makes me feel pessimistic for the future, and almost sorry i'm young. I'll live to see some awful changes to this nation...
  17. Your not wrong Snapdragon. It's like all this crap the RAF are spending money on right now, about recruiting more Gays and Lesbians into the ranks. Why? If they wanted to join, they'd join, they dont need a special recruiting drive aimed just at them to get them to come on board.

    All that will happen, is the same as always happens; good people will join (be it any one of the three services) and regardless of sexual preference (who gives a toss about that anyways? If my oppo's bent, it just means I have more chance with the 'ladies' at grab-a-granny night. Good luck to him) they will bugger off when they see how shit things are in the forces, with less good runs, promotion freezes, crap duty rosters, stone age equipment etc etc being the norm today.

    Spend the money improving things for the servicemen and women of this country, and not on daft 'drives', and then maybe all the good folk will stop PVRing at a rate of knots, be they straight, gay, whatever.
  18. Here's a question then, why do the MOD still have an upper age limit on the armed services at all when there is now an AGE DISCRIMINATION ACT?

    I'm in the process of joining the RNR and must be an old fart because I'm just about to hit the upper age limit for recruitment (40) in two weeks time.

    I know they spend shed loads on training people and want to get a return on their investment but why such a low age limit, especially for "real" full time recruits.

    I'm a cop in my real life and we ditched age limits years ago (government driven of course) and we still have cops who are in their 50s having to roll around on the ground scrapping with 17 yr old lads. I'm what's known as a PSU officer (Riot squad to most) and still subject to annual fitness testing and age doesnt seem to be a massive problem for us.

    In relatiion to Snappers comments about dragging people through the door, we've gone through a similar thing, and still are, where we are trying to increase the amount of "minority group" recruits...the government want the forces (armed or otherwise) to represent the gender/sexuality/ethnic mix of the country.

    So why upper age limit for armed forces??? Any clues
  19. The only thing I can think of is fitness level's, but I have just joined at the ripe old age of 39.

    Any thoughts members as to why ?
  20. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    snapdragon wrote
    'Encouragement' in all its forms is required to attract majorities and minorities alike. Some of it dispels misinformed notions about the nature or Service life or the nature of Servicemen/women.

    windygale wrote
    Read the Age Discrimination Act. The Armed Forces get a mensh, something about being exempt. I would have thought the reasons are self evident.

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