Army Commandos

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Floppyjocky, Apr 10, 2006.

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  1. Bring em back big time if the Paras go.
  2. Just because they wear the same DPM pattern as each other it doesnt follow that the Army units will be fit for purpose along side the RM.If they want to become part of 3 Cdo then let them do the full RM course!!!!
  3. Surprised that no one has suggested re-forming 41 Independent RM Commando. They were never part of 3 Cdo Brigade and I always thought that they were the best unit in the Corps; and that's not knocking anyone. The last time it was re-formed CGRM manned it with drafts from all operational RM units. The various C.O.'s used it as an opportunity to get rid of their problem children and bad-lads - and the result was a wonder to behold.

  4. I agree. If you want to play out with the big boys then it would be a good idea for the army to get it's men through the AACC first. That way they then get the full respect of people like myself who sweated blood and tears to win the green lid and shoulder flashes. Why should they call themselves commandos if this is in deed what the MOD proposes!! Long and short of it is do the course, earn the lid then work with the Corps.


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