Army commando ?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by D-runner, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. The RM Commando is Royal Marine. He is taught from day one about being a Royal Marine and subsequently becomes Commando trained.

    The Army Commando are those guys from all Branches of the Army who are going to serve with 3 Commando Brigade, (Usually from The RA, RE and some from the RLC).
  2. Also Perce generally go to the "Cookhouse" straight from the field as witnessed by myself recently. Whereas Royal do not!!! :D
  3. Someone is bound to ask this so i might as well do it, why dont you just join one of the mentioned?, as there might be a chance that you might not be able to get your self on one of the courses for whatever reason.
  4. Not fit enough at present , I want to get my driven licences and signals quals behind me just now, was thinking a couple yrs down the line the commando course would be a great challenge I only found out you can get a green beret through the army today. I dont like the idea of jumping out aircraft, pushing myself to the max through endurance sounds more my cup of tea. Iv never heard a good word said about the paras from other soldiers, no one seems to like them as individuals iv been told to stay well clear of them.
  5. D_runner

    I was in the R.L.C or R.A.O.C as it was known at the time and it is quite hard for you to get a placement as a commando due to the fact you will have your own trade to do at the time and all the training to go with it, Then there is the factor of whether you CO wants to let you leave HIS unit to let you forfill your dream of being a commando and yes he/she can refuse you same as they can refuse you to change trades whilst in there, so if i was you i would take daffy1's advice and join them straight away to save you being dissapointed.
  6. That wasn't the case with the RE (that I was in).

    You could go straight to 9 para or 59 commando right out of basic training.

    Yes you have trade training etc, but that's the point.

    You're trained to do jobs the Booties can't do.

  7. But like i say it depends on what your CO is like and if he/she likes the Para's or commando's and is willing to let you go
  8. Its along time since i was actually in so it might of changed if it has hope it works out for you, But like i said why not join them straight away you say your not fit enough but they will get you that fit and even if you do it through the R.L.C you will still have to be as fit so 50/50 really, Just hope you have a strong mental attitude and ready to take everything they throw at you... good luck
  9. Just like the Navy flashes you also get Army Commando, as tend to be worn by 29 or 59 Cdo.
  10. Not quite.

    Army personel who has completed the All Arms Commando course is entitled to wear a commando dagger badge, and wear the green beret when serving as a member of a commando regiment.

  11. Yea green beret and dagger is part of the uniform but it must say Army Commando instead of Royal Marine, No point having royal marine on your uniform if your in Army.
  12. Daffy is correct, 'mudgards' are fairly common now, RN Cdos have been wearing them for years. It seems now that Army ranks who are Cdo trained are not happy with just wearing the Cdo Dagger (left sleeve) but will also now wear 'Army Commando' mudgards. Additionally, they also wear the Bde TRF and green lid when with 3CdoX.

    Can't confirm this is the case at 24 Engr but last year 29 RA Cdos were all wearing the the mudgards, daggers and green lids.
  13. Another dreamer pops his head above the parapet. :roll:
    How do you build on fitness in the RLC? Eat 1 less pie a week. :twisted:
  14. parapet?

    Im not in yet but imagine if a individual from RLC wants to improve fitness they will increase run distances, hill sprints, hill walking, gym work and change diet (high protein low fat)= build upper body strength and improved cardio.

    hope this answers your question :lol:
  15. D'ya thunk? Wow instant PTI material you, eh?
    My comment about dreamers refers to this being the latest of a long line of questions, (Search the Corps forum threads for other examples.) from potential Army, Navy and or RAF recruits, ie they haven't even done their Basic Training yet who want info on Commando, Para and Underwater Knife Fighting Training because "it would be cool" or "I wanna be the best I can be...".
    However, typically, they all seem to state somewhere in their post that "I'm not fit enough yet.." or "I'm not too good with heights.."!
    My advice would be if you want to be a Commando or Para join the RM or Parachute Regiment or go for a trade in the Service of your choice that at least has more than a 1,000 to 1 chance of getting to do the AACC or P-Company, Ie RA Gunner or RE Sapper.
  16. well thanks for agreeing with me
  17. I stand corrected!

    During my time in I never saw such a thing as an 'Army Commando' mudflap. Do they wear woggles now as well?

  18. You're trained to do jobs the Booties can't do.

    Please do enlighten me

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