Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Tim(O), Mar 15, 2006.

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  1. Sat here off work with a bad back.
    There's another armourers reunion coming up in Coventry shortly. Please spread the word to other ex (O) ratings.
    I've been reading the posts about different branches and trades.
    Never forget that aircraft wre designed to carry weapons. The armourers were always the last to get to work on the serviceable aircraft and always under the most pressure.
  2. Without Armourers the Naval Aircraft would be a private Flying Club.
  3. Here, Here! I was an aviation ordnanceman in the US Marine Corps, servicing A-6E Intruder medium attack bombers. Awesome plane. Could carry 28 500lb iron bombs. We have our own veterans ordnance orgs. here in the US, and hold regular reunions. Would love to attend one of yours. The scariest thing in the world- An ordnanceman running away from an airplane.
  4. Totally agree with all said about Bombheads.
    Bootneck Yank if nobody replies from the Bombheads Association I'll give you a link.
    We, The Aircraft Handlers Association,and Armourers Assoc. join up at the Fleet Air Arm Memorial on Rememberance Day. Great bunch of guys.
  5. HigThePig
    You mean its not a private flying club?
    I apologise, I've labouring under a misconception for the lastt 22yrs....
  6. The details of the Fleet Air Arm Armourers Association reunion can be found on our website under 4 X 2. REAL armourers will get the significance of that! (Well certainly UK ones anyhow). The website is We'd be pleased to see any genuine Armourers there, but of course, you must book via the Secretary. It may be too late for this year, but you never know...
  7. Where's the Bombheads web site gone ?

    Do you have Grumpy's E-Mail Address ?

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